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    Working On Updated Combot

    yes.. If Combot will be work, this will be very good
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    Belt Iterator does not exist

    This happand whan you change your ship in space ( in POS for example ) restarting client solve this problem.. for nex ship change =)
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    New ISXEVE crash EVE client

    Where I can send full crash log? this is small part Extension: ISXEVE.dll Extension Crash Info: Crash unhandled by custom extension Inner Space: Inner Space Kernel 1.11 Build 5511 (Sat Jan 07 00:01:22 2012) Crash: 0x114719D0: Exception 0xc0000005 reading from address 0x29F05FF8 in...
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    New ISXEVE crash EVE client

    ISxeve crash eve client with near 10% chance when entering gate, or docking station when use latest evebot from svn isxeve.dll version 0137. Faulting application exefile.exe, version, stamp 4f1435fc, faulting module isxeve.dll, version 2008.0.0.137, stamp 4f2625ca, debug? 0...
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    HOWTO: Market Interaction new version

    Hello. Can you rewrite this examples ( HOWTO: Market Interaction) to work with new version of ISXEVE? or give me working examples of market interaction scripts. In latest version of evebot market scripts don't work to.. ( we have some code in missioner obj )
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    Sorry for asking again about new version of ISXEVE

    Hello again, sorry that I start new toic, but you close my previus without giving me change to reply for you. I understand that this is my fail that I don.t read befor about new release/ But now will be many scripts that not work with new version, such wrekingball ( for example He write...
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    New version of ISXEVE

    Hello. Todays you release new version of ISXEVE, but many people has his own scripts writed for previus version, and now they don.t work. Also you don.t give us time to change its to new version. So can you make build compatible with previus version of ISXEVE, and support to for some amounth...
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    Latest EVE Patch

    This is not your mistake... All user of ISXEVE after latest patch of EVE (31.05.2011) Have this error. After Amadeus will make new version of ISXEVE ( usualy 1-3 days) You will need download instalation packet from site and reinstall ISXEVE. Autoupadate will not work in this situation. If you...
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    ISXEVE Missions

    Evebot can do courier mission too. =)
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    How do you stop scripts?

    specific script endscript name_of_script (example endscript ebevot ) allscripts endscript *
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    interact with market window for "export to file"

    I am itrested for this script too. May be any have those script?
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    EveSalvage 3.0 - by Ama

    1. When you make mission jump to first gate and make bookmark for example gate1, then go to gate2 and make bookmark "gate2'.... after bookmarking all of the gates complete mission ( jump gates disappeared ) and run you salvage bot run evebot/core/evesalvage -loot gate1 gate2 gate3.... 2. I...
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    Inavlid groupID, ammo needs to be cycled!

    Are any Ideas to make it work? this is problem whith misles or with all type of weapons? may be I need have all 4 type of misles on cargo?
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    Inavlid groupID, ammo needs to be cycled!

    Subj.. try tu use beta version, in missioner mode, all work fine, bit shen ship fly to encouter its write in logs: 01:08:32: obj_Ship.GetTurretBaseOptimal(): Inavlid groupID, ammo needs to be cycled! 01:08:33: obj_Ship.GetTurretBaseOptimal(): Inavlid groupID, ammo needs to be cycled...
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