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    Market Orders

    I am having trouble using the EVE:GetMarketOrders[] command. I can get the myorders one to work fine, but for some reason the one for market orders returns errors. The script I'm using (a simple one so I can figure out why it's messing up) is below with the error below that. If anyone could...
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    Wrecking Ball features/bugs/problems here please

    Having trouble salvaging belt rogue drone wrecks, it doesn't seem to register them. It goes to the BM says there's no wrecks and leaves. It works with anomaly drones, so my guess is maybe their entity id is different and not listed with wrecker?
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    Price History

    Hi, I just wanted to ask if there's a method to access price history information, such as hi/low prices or number of transactions for the past 5 days, with isxeve?
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    Wait command in startup

    I ended up making a copy of the launcher and modifying it to do what I needed to be done. I have one more question, for some reason on some of my characters, not all, it auto begins evebot in the sense that it starts running w/e the default option is set on, IE mining, ratting, hauling. My...
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    Wait command in startup

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone knew of a wait command that can be put into startup list when loading with the innerspace console. I know that "wait xx" works with time, but I'm looking for a wait command that waits until a script is finished running. For example a command that would wait for...
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    Station Error Message

    Ah ok, thanks. I was just worried it was doing something bad, thanks for the clear up.
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    Station Error Message

    Hi, I'm getting this error when I'm in a station only. ISXEVE thinks that you're in a station. There are no entities in here! It just repeats it over and over. I'm not sure if it's a bug or something else. Does anyone know exactly what this message means?
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    How to return a variable from a function

    Yep, that would be my problem thank you.
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    How to return a variable from a function

    Thanks that helped a lot. I'm still getting an odd return though. I'm trying to return a value for the price of an item in the market. It seems to only return a null value. Here's a piece of the code. function price (number) .... while ${i:Inc} <= ${OrdersCount} echo...
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    How to return a variable from a function

    I was wondering if anyone could write me a small example script of how to send and return a variable into a function. I keep trying but I'm doing something wrong. A small example of something like, send a variable add two to it return it and display it would help tremendously. Thank you.
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    Automating Invention/Manufacturing

    I was just curious if it is possible to use a script to start so many invention/manufacturing jobs at a pos. I couldn't find anything on how one might do this and if anyone could help point me in the right direction I would be grateful, thank you.
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    Storyline Agents with Courier Missioneer

    I have an odd bug with the courier mission runner, when I get a storyline mission from an agent in the station where I am running missions the courier missioneer attempts to do the mission for some reason and then Eve seems to crash. It gets to the obj_Agents: Waiting for conversation...
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