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    So.. how do I get this to work?

    Start in-station in your mining ship, click Inventory from the Neocom (not by double-clicking on your ship). Select your ore hold. Start the bot. (On Miner tab, make sure Location Type is "Station" and Location Name is a bookmark to the station) (On Main tab, make sure "Miner" is selected...
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    Courier not switching agents

    You might want to remove your character name from your post.
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    MyShip.Scanners.Cargo[MedSlot6]:StartScan[${EntityID}, true, true] Change MedSlot6 to whatever slot your cargo scanner is in obs.
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    ComBot Public Release

    As far as I'm aware, combot is no longer maintained. As mentioned above, if I run the main script, not the updater, it works for me. Try asking in #combot or #evecom on irc.
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    Cargo Transfer

    Corp hangar in a pos or station ?
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    Orca booster/hauling script

    Change the following line in FBoostLib.iss variable int Standing = 1 to variable int Standing = -1 (to ignore neuts) variable int Standing = -11 (to ignore everyone - Caution! this will disable fleeing altogether)
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    ComBot Public Release

    If you "run combot/combot" it won't attempt to update and should run.
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    Ghost site script

    You don't need probes to find ghost sites, they're found using the system scanner.
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    Ghost site script

    Hmm, can't edit my own post now ..... Updated the script to approach the out gate as very occasionally I would drop out of warp and sit just outside of jump range.
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    Ghost site script

    knocked up a little script to find ghost sites. 1. unzip the file into \scripts\ghost. 2. Setup a load of waypoints or a destination. 3. Run the script "run ghost/ghost" The script will : - Undock if docked - Scan the system for anomalies - Play a sound and pause the script if it finds an...
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    Directional Scanner usage

    Do you mean scanning for sigs / anoms ?
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    Orca booster/hauling script

    [Have updated the script to work with evebot jetcan mode as combot and evebots orca mode both seem to be broken. The script flees to your safespot based on standings which is set in line 18 of FBoostLib.iss, currently set to 1 (Standing = 1) ]so it will flee on neuts. Set to -1 if you don't...
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    Orca booster/hauling script

    No, the orca just runs fboost - give me a couple of days, I'll get the code fixed.
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    Orca booster hauling - before I buy

    I wrote a while ago to do that - I haven't used it in a while so it might need tweeking.
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    Anomoly Bot

    Personally, if I want to do anoms, I just use evebot in anomaly assist mode.
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