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    anyone have the recipes for CRAFT BOT..... can anyone attach them here please .. thanks a lot..
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    Going Behind Mob.

    I have going behind mob set on my troub.. but whenever I use one of the scripts for a named it always turns it off and I have to go manually and turn back on.. anway to set this once the script ends then it goes back to the way it was?
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    Necro Undead Horde

    some reason my necro wont cast undead horde I put it in namedca ca and checked forced namedca but nothing also seems when you add spell it adds It almost like a cure or something cause when you go to add it it asks how many ppl affected blah blah just like cures..
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    Eq2 Chars In Game

    anyway you can make it able to put a bigger password in.. I use an authenticator and it puts 6 digita in at the end of your password but in the in game eq2 char it wont let me put the last password I believe counting the authenticator is 17 digits long...
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    Ogre And Equipping And Activating Items

    Don't know if this has been asked before but can ogre equip an item such as and then activate it then re-equip the regular worn item?
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    Ogre Afk

    so in my guild hall with ogre afk on I see its working in the console but everytime I come back my toon is at charachter select when it shouldn't be.
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    Aion Bot

    Is the bot still working just installed isx and ogre ..but having some issues running it. just let me know if its running that way im not wasting my time..
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    Anyone planning on playing Wildstar?

    Looks pretty dam good..
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    Couple scripts ive used don't do anything at all.. haven't gotten to test them all yet but here are 2 that don't do anything.. Set up for BJ Stompus - doesn't do anything... tried multiple times.. campspot then the setup. tried either way doesn't work.. Set up for BJ Yothsra - doesn't...
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    Warlock Dark Aggravation

    IS there anyway for ogre bot to tell that dark incubation is active so the warlock can cast Dark Aggravation? am I missing something if there is..Thanks!
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    Target Issues?

    Anyone else having target issues... I got all my guys on main tank but sometimes even when there on him they cant see what he is targeting and will not cast.. no its not a debuff or anything.,.
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    Game Issues

    Anyone else having game issues? logged in this mornign getting black screen on 2 differenct pcs.. when i load ogre bot sometimes it just freezes the game . i had to restart 2 times today cause my games locked up.. never had this issues before? could this be a non forced update?
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    In search of Inquis/Mystic

    Im interested and wanna update my profiles for my inquis and mystic.. any ubah elite profiles out there anyone wanna share.. i mainly keep my healers in heal spec just an fyi..I no longer do any type of ez mode zones i only do hardmode.. i have almost cleared all 3 hardmode...
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    Open Beta Guild Wars 2

    Anyone else preorder and is going there today? 3pm est if so ill see you all there...
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    Forced Patch 2/28/12

    Enjoy! the downtime.
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    Ogre bot script moving

    So i do old raid zones for plat.. so im doing the palace of roen theer and when i make to the juggernaut guy who casts the big yellow target thing where bombs are gonna drop all my toons move properly but 2 the same 2 no matter what. yes move to area is checked grind options are checked raid is...
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    Crashing issue

    This has been happening for a while and i thought id mention it just to see if anyone else has been having the issue.. when iam boxing and lets say i want to go look at one of my other toons. sometimes not all the time when i switch to another window.. one of the other windows will have a...
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    starting eq2 today

    im getting this error isxGamesPatcher: Checking ISXEQ2: 65 files in manifest... isxGamesPatcher: Updating "Extensions/ISXEQ2.dll" from version 20120117.0001 to version 20120117.0002 isxGamesPatcher: HTTP Error: Uknown Error: Access to the path 'C:\Program Files...
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    Forced Patch 1/5/12

    Enjoy the downtime! BOO
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    Anyone have a good xml setting for the beastlord script thats pretty decent they can share.. my beastlord is like level 89 and its pet is like level 2 . Anyone figured this out?
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