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    New to 92, what to do?

    New group at 92, what would you recommend? No special gear, just the 90+ crafted stuff. Not sure what zones to hit next, last couple expansions have me pondering what the best direction to take. Any input would be appreciated.
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    Ogre Craft issue

    Anyone else seeing this? Ogre Craft : Not working. Attempts to craft but reaction counters are not being fired. Ogre Craftlite : Working. Successful on both normal and experimental items.
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    best script for moving inventory

    What script (if any) do you use to move items to the broker, or to trade with another character? When I move adept books between characters, or to the broker, I still do it the old fashion way. Looking for an improvement. :)
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    Anyone has experience with using AlignTo?

    I'm trying to get the following code to work, but the ship is not aligning. Any input would be appreciated. The 'BookmarkLabel' is a string. The code seems to execute fine, but no movement from the ship to align. Entity[${EVE.Bookmark[${BookmarkLabel}].ID}]:AlignTo
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    Anyone have issues healing mercs?

    I cannot seem to get OgreBot to heal my merc. Just wondering if anyone else has seen this issue and come up with a solution. It's very odd, since the cures work just fine, it's just the healing that is not being cast. (Player character is a healer and using tank merc.). Thanks
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    how to get latest *.dll

    how do we get the latest ISXEVE.DLL? Looks like I need to grab the latest and copy it manually.
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    safespot script?

    Didn't someone do a Safe Spot script at one time? I've looked around for it, and can't find it. Anyone know where it might be? Was a script that basically flew between the plants generating safe spots while in warp.
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    Patch Day!!!!

    Hope they through enough into the game to make this patch worth it... :)
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    Best way to test for passing through a StarGate?

    What's the best way to test to see if you truely have "finished" the transition through a StarGate? Anything in ISXEVE that could be used to test this? It's pretty easy to know your about to go through (:Jump), I just need a better way to continue the script instead of doing a "wait 5" or some...
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    Patch today....

    Current ISXEVE.dll good to go, or do we need to wait for a patch of the dll?
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    GliderPro - dotNet question

    Are you still using the dotNet wrapper? If so, any gotacha's that need to be avoided when programming against it? Thanks for you time.
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    You cannot do that while warping....

    Does anyone else see this when on Autopilot? Right after warping through a Stargate, it will occasionally popup. Not on every Stargate, just occasionally.
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    Stargate ID's?

    Is it possible to find the Stargate ID's of all stargates in a system? I can't seem to get a list using Entity. Thanks
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    Random crashing.

    Trying to do some Freighter hauling, and getting random crashing when zoning into a new system or when exiting a spaceport. Not sure what all information is needed to fix this but I did the "debug" thing and captured that info. DEBUG INFO: An exception has occurred. It has been...
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