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    Locmon that works

    been using this for a while and wanted to add alerts for new hostile on grid. whats the best way to pull grid pilots? put all entities in a table and parse them for ships then run checks for hostile?
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    Pirates Little Helper

    i had ran across this idea last year, but access to the system scanner hadnt been implimented into isxeve at the time. has anyone done something like this already? dont want to reinvent the wheel if so :P
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    Logistics Bot

    in the simplest form, it would mirror to X amount of slaves what the master client does. say i have 5 clients all in logistics ships. the master client locks a player and cycles 3 remote reppers on that player, and all 4 of the other clients lock the same player and cycles 3 remote reppers...
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    Logistics Bot

    anyone know of a logistics bot, or know how to tweak one of the available bots/scripts to get a workable logistics bot? currently im using isboxer to manually run a squad of logistics ships. it works, but its clunky and requires a lot of management, especially when shit hits the fan.
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    YAMFA - Yet Another Multibox Fleet Assitant

    anyone get this working with logistics? i field many logistics ships at once and liked the idea of slaves following the master's targets, but remote logistics modules dont seem to be seen by the script. in the individual pilot xml, none of my highs are listed and all clients are in space with...
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