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    Ratter Question

    One Question: I read on a post that to get the ratter to loot all wrecks make "SpecialTargetsToLoot" always true. having problems with the always true part. How would I change that code to be so?
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    ISX Dead?

    No Official word on whether there is a pulse or just a drain sucking up all our money... not even a post about the fact the new cargo display broke EVEBOT like a weak twig ... So what is it? Have the dev's given up or what ? should I just for get about the fact I paid to use these products now...
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    Broken or Blind?

    Simple Question why wont my miners mine everything as defined by the "strip mine area" ? How can I get it to do so? ( I want to strip every rock before moving...) I have searched the web for answers for nearly a week and I am getting sick of it. I have sunk time money and plenty of angry words...
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