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    Ghost site script

    knocked up a little script to find ghost sites. 1. unzip the file into \scripts\ghost. 2. Setup a load of waypoints or a destination. 3. Run the script "run ghost/ghost" The script will : - Undock if docked - Scan the system for anomalies - Play a sound and pause the script if it finds an...
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    Orca booster/hauling script

    I created this script firstly as a learning exercise and secondly as a way to minimise opportunities for can flippers. This is a specific script for my needs but you're welcome to take it and adapt it as you see fit. How I use it : I have a fleet of 3 ice miners running Evebot in jetcan...
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    Deleted posts

    Any particular reason my posts are being deleted ? I posted a reply on how to use a .patch file and a fix for the jetcan issue and both posts have gone. I've noticed this in the past but assumed I'd screwed up posting. Would be nice for the post to be edited to say if it's wrong or an...
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    Jetcan problem temporary fix

    The following change has fixed the jetcan issue for me until an official fix is released : in /core/obj_JetCan.iss search for "function Open(int64 ID=0)" 14 lines down, beneath where is says "UI:UpdateConsole["JetCan:Open: Access to ${ID} is not allowed ........." Add the following...
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    Service On Demand

    Anyone know how I could amend the hauler script (Service On Demand) of EveBot to stop it repeatedly docking / undocking until a fleet member is ready to be serviced ? Thanks
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    0.0 Ice Mining Problem

    I've just moved from hisec to 0.0. Ice mining was working fine in hisec, but in 0.0 it thinks its arrived at the wrong belt: 13:51:19: Warping to Asteroid Belt: X-XXX II - Ice Field 1 13:51:19: Preparing for warp 13:51:19: Warping to X-XXX II - Ice Field 1 @ 0km 13:51:20: Warping...
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    Wait command/function

    I am trying to introduce a wait delay when launching drones but am getting the following error when using a simple 'wait' within a method : 'wait' is not available in atoms Can anyone point me in the direction of how to do this ? Thanks
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    Recalling Damaged Drone

    Hi, I have just started to use EVEBot for ratting and all was working perfectly until the bot started recalling my drones after a small amount of armor damage. Is there a setting somewhere I can specify the amount of armor left before considering the drones damaged enough to recall ...
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