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  1. Pygar

    Pygar EQ2Bot Specialist

    Tonight I committed some changes to the SVN:

    Wizard - Fixed UI Overlap, revamped spell casting, added support up to L95. Added support for new abilities including some prestiges. I'm about 80% done updating everything thats new for the class, decided to post what I had as its significantly better.

    Coercer - Fixed the purple screen due to someone having sever hate mis-coded

    Beastlord - Committed a local version I had that is much more updated than the one that was on the SVN.
  2. appleuser

    appleuser Well-Known Member

    Thanks Pygar, much appreciated :)
  3. Pygar

    Pygar EQ2Bot Specialist

    Update a BUNCH of UI files this morning to fix the UI not saving values correctly.

    Apparently Lax changed something while I was gone and ItemByValue stopped working the same way it had previously.
  4. fuzzypawz

    fuzzypawz Member

    Thanks a bunch, the UI improvements are much appriciated.
  5. naiyuu

    naiyuu Member

    Anybody notice that since the update it wont use any of the 4 beastlord advantages? Watched it for a while last night and it never used one so it never built up my affinity with the warder...
  6. SiliconeClone

    SiliconeClone Active Member

    Anyone have the old wizard script? Since I updated it the bot just won't stay still.. even with movement set to none. After fights instead of auto-following again, it just keeps backing up. I can't even manually get it back to follow without stopping eq2bot :(

    -EDIT: I un-mapped the movement keys and that seems to have fixed my problem... still lol
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  7. Pygar

    Pygar EQ2Bot Specialist

    Yeah, if you have custom mapped movement keys there is a file you need to update.

    The wizard as it currently sits will move into range for fusion, but not any closer than is required for that.
  8. Pygar

    Pygar EQ2Bot Specialist

    Made more updates today:

    Coercer - Fixed a minor issue in mana flow routine

    Defiler - Updated to level 95. Reworked Rez function, Added Nightmares, Tribal Spirit, Avenging Ancestors, Phantasmal Barrier, and Spiritwrath.

    Troubador.iss - Updated to level 95. Added Energizing Ballad power restoration function for raidwide scanning. Added Mamba of Blades.
  9. Pygar

    Pygar EQ2Bot Specialist

    More Updates today:

    Beastlord.iss - Major Re-write for CoE. Please not the script now assumes you made the same advantage / primal choices I made. If you didn't you need to change the spell list.

    Also I've only re-done Feral stance for now. I will look at spiritual as I have time. The spiritual line will work as whoever wrote it originally had it. There are obvious flaws in that persons logic, but it mostly works.

    I added the following abilities to the combat routine:
    Kaldrahir's Growl
    Primal Assault
    Savage Blaze
    Savagery Freeze

    I completely re-worked the prioritization of CAs and primals to provide more dps

    Here are the advantages I've coded for feral:
    Code (Text):

            <Setting name="10,401">Flurry of Claws</Setting>
            <Setting name="10,402">Hawk Eyes</Setting>
            <Setting name="10,403">Neurotoxic Venom</Setting>
            <Setting name="10,404">Glacial Roar</Setting>
    Note, you can edit the spell list and change these to 10,0 and change the current 10,0 to one of these settings to enable a different primal. 401, 402, 403, 404 correspond directly to the 4 advantage slots left to right.

    Here are the primals I've coded for feral:
    Code (Text):

            <Setting name="10,411">Claw of Khati Sha</Setting>
            <Setting name="10,412">Shalih Mar's Mandate</Setting>
            <Setting name="10,413">Truespirit Venom</Setting>
            <Setting name="10,414">Luclin's Pain</Setting>     
            <Setting name="10,415">Devour</Setting>
            <Setting name="10,416">Feral Charge</Setting>      
    Same thing by tweaking the spell list you can enable different primals if you choose.

    My mastercrafted beasty was doing 350k with this script in my little group, so I feel with reasonable gear and a group with better buffs it should do better / more respectable.

    Anyone that is a Hardcore beastlord is welcome to provide more BL knowledge and I'll update for it.

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