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    I am having problems with the "Bot Commander" / "Eq2bot" for buffs that are applied by targeting a group member but is applied to the group. So it is applied correctly, but in my buff window it will say group, so it cancels it and reapply's it to that group member.. Never ending

    Example's of This are:

    Inq: Tenacity (Single target - Says Group)
    SK: Devious Evasion (Applied to a person but target in buff window says self)

    I'm sure there's others, but these are the ones I found annoying because they will do this crap during combat which is limiting the capabilities of my toons... Help!!!!
  2. bastion19

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    For devious evasion, eq2bot will put it onto the correct person as well as the SK. You'll see it on the toon inside the spell effects window and on the SK's maintained spell window. For group-wide tenacity, I simply cancelled the buff and just self buffed it.
  3. TheHaydens

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    I just told EQ2bot to just never verify who the targets are on.. My easy fix to it, It makes sure it's on someone, but just doesn't verify the target every 4sec / 4000ping.. Works great

    It still verifies every-other buff just on these specific buff where the target is labeeld differently in the maintained window it still verifies that the spell is maintained but ignores who the "person" it says it..

    case Tactics_Target
                BuffTarget:Set[${UIElement[cbBuffTacticsGroupMember@Class@EQ2Bot Tabs@EQ2 Bot].SelectedItem.Text}]
                if ${BuffTarget.Equal["None"]}

                if ${Actor[${BuffTarget.Token[2,:]},${BuffTarget.Token[1,:]}](exists)}
                ;&& !${Me.Maintained[${SpellType[${PreSpellRange[${xAction},1]}]}](exists)}
                    call CastSpellRange ${PreSpellRange[${xAction},1]} 0 0 0 ${Actor[${BuffTarget.Token[1,:]}].ID} 0 0 1
                    wait 5
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