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    Starting with today's ISXEQ2 patch, I will only be updating the ISXEQ2.dll that is located in /<innerspace installation directory>/Extensions/ISXDK34. Therefore, if you have a version of ISXEQ2.dll in your /<innerspace installation directory>/Extensions, it may not properly update.

    If you're having problems with ISXEQ2 not updating properly, please follow these steps:

    1. Go to your <innerspace installation directory>/Extensions folder.
    2. Delete the file, ISXEQ2.dll, that is located there.
    3. Create and/or go to this folder: <innerspace installation directory>/Extensions/ISXDK34
    4. Download http://updates.isxGames.com/isxeq2/Extensions/ISXDK34/ISXEQ2.dll and place it in THAT folder.

    Once you do that, everything should work properly.

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