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What in EVEBot works now? Belts? mining? anomaly? etc?

What new added to bot?
I have personally used:

Courier Missions.

It looks like hauler should work, and combat missions, if set up correctly.

This is in the release branch, I have not been able to get the dev branch to run properly


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EVEBot should be functioning with just about everything you could need for botting. However, the last patch caused some problems with it and Cybertech is out-of-town until August 2. So, it's currently broken.

For now (until he returns) I suggest using Stealthbot, which is commercial software that is currently free-to-use. To acquire and use stealthbot, follow these steps:

1. Download
2. Place that file in your /innerspace/.NET Programs/ folder
3. Launch the bot by issuing this command in your console: dotnet sb${Session} stealthbot
4. Use anything for the login/username and password.

Once Cybertech is back from his vacation I'm sure he'll look into EVEBot and get it working again. But, for now, you should be able to do most things (at least survive) using stealthbot.
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