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  1. bricky2690

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    I have read the threads and attempted to edit the function.iss as stated in post #329 of the original kbot thread. I also did the echo command to find where my mouse pointer needs to be located and have made the appropiate change. However, kbot is still not closing the window when it yeilds bonus's. Does anyone have a recent script fix for that that is willing to share?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. mmoaddict

    mmoaddict Original Script Author: VGA

    honestly ama should make a command to that close button... That is the real fix to this issue.
  3. vah shir

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    Are you playing in 'windowed mode'? I hear that you need to be for that to work. Then you wait till you get a bonus window & attemp to move the loot button under where the mouse wants to click in the split second it takes before it moves your mouse again.
  4. Dixi

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    we need a ISX Command for that Extra- Yield - Box.

    please ... pretty please, Ama :)

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