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  1. Korrigan

    Korrigan Active Member

    Afterburner and Sprint should not be used. If you search around I think there's a post on it somewhere, those features can cause unwanted attention.
  2. mart1n

    mart1n Active Member

    Stuck at one way point back and forth

    any one noticed when the bot just stays at one way point running back and forth? or attack mobs higher than the dot limit? just curious ???:confused:
  3. mordacai

    mordacai Active Member

    Ive always had issue with the Con check. Most of the time when it bounces back and forth I find it is because I have accidently added a non numerical character to Combat Setup tab, usually allowed roaming distance has some text I was meaning to type somewhere else.
  4. yonofui

    yonofui Active Member

    Can anyone add the features for the druid and ranger minions to attack?
  5. bricky2690

    bricky2690 Active Member

    Having a little issue with Kbot. I open one of my accounts with a new character. I run kbot. When I try selecting combat abilities (or anything for that matter) it only shows NONE. Furthermore, when I load it, the drop down screen is not creating the config files for that specific character. It is creating NULL, configs.

    Any ideas? Please..:)
  6. Ezynite

    Ezynite Active Member


    Is there something im doing wrong ?

    Ive installed Kbot and set it up and everything and when i click start nothing happens.... So i must be doing something wrong!

    Is there something that like a walkthru that has info on how to set it up? Maybe i set it up wrong?
  7. zlhu32

    zlhu32 Active Member

    kbot rox, but can you add an item filter so I can choose only to loot uncommon, rare or ultra rare items? My inventory filled up fast!
  8. mmoaddict

    mmoaddict Original Script Author: VGA


    to my knowledge kbot is not actively maintained anymore. Several of the diehards have modifications they have made but no-one has really taken over the project. Kbot does have issues and such and for the most part they can be worked around.

    For instance, when you dont see your new ability in the list. Just put something else in there for now.. close kbot. Go to the xml in the save folder. Find the item you were trying to add in the ui.. change the value there to the spell you really want it to be. Of course you could always go into kbot and change the iss so all pull downs show all abilities but that takes some training.

    I dont really have time to take over kbot at the moment as i am working on multibox scripts and trying to perfect the fact that vg is slow as hell about updating minor information like "when did a heal actually land" Anyway, i have been working hard to try to get Madhatter playing this game again. If he comes back he can rock kbots world.

    good luck
  9. Zandros

    Zandros Script Author: VGA

    The one thing I lack is the GUI part. I am curious what program is used to design the menus. I sometimes find that I waste countless of hours tweeking and guessing to create the most simple buttons.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated :D
  10. mmoaddict

    mmoaddict Original Script Author: VGA

    you mean making listboxes, combo boxes and such? editing the gui xml? Sadly, there is no program around to make this easier. though much of it is documented on the lavishsoft wiki, i would imagine that it is a bear to learn if you have never messed with that kind of thing before.

    Every time i make a GUI for my scripts, i think to myself "I really should write a C# program to make this easier" Then i just forget it and make what i need to make by hand. I think we all do that. The other trick you might be missing is, look at the EQ2 scripts they have. They have a lot since most of the powers that be, play that game and they have a lot of sample stuff to work with. Might help learning some of the stuff
  11. Amadeus

    Amadeus The Maestro Staff Member

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