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    Attached is example code on how to use Obj_Health in your script. Obj_Health can be found by using SVN to update VG_Objects.

    Below are the new variables you can use:

    • Health.GroupNumber --" Group Member number with lowest health"
    • Health.GroupName -- "Group Member name with lowest health"
    • Health.GroupHealth -- "Lowest health of the Group Member"
    • Health.TotalGroupWounded -- "Total wounded Group Members below 70% health"
    • Health.RaidNumber -- "Group Member in Raid with lowest health"
    • Health.RaidName -- "Group Member name in Raid with lowest health"
    • Health.RaidHealth -- "Lowest health of the Group Member in Raid"
    • Health.TotalRaidWounded -- "Total wounded Group Members in Raid below 70% health"
    To get this example to work these files need to be in your script folder:


    Then type the following command:

    run Health

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