Problems With Pop? Read This First.


Starting this thread, as there WILL be some problems the first time you load into PoP.

When you first login after PoP has been released.
You should immediately LOG OUT, and close your session. Once you've done this, you can then log in and play.
Why? Because every time a character logs in (at least toons level 100), the game is doing changes to your character. Changing AA reqs, removing abilities (resolve buffs), and some other things. This is making various scripts look like they are broken, but it's just they gathered data, then the game changed them.
Logging out once, completely solves this issue.
You will need to do this for EVERY SINGLE toon once. Even if it's an alt, on the same account, on a different account, there is no exception to this rule.

I'm getting an error in the console.
If you're getting an error in the console, copy/paste the error so we can have a look at it. Without the actual error, EXACTLY as it is, it can make tracking it down a time consuming task.

A script/bot isn't working, but there is no error.
This gets more complicated. First thing is just check to see if anyone else has reported the problem. If not, then we're going to need as much information as possible. What exactly are you doing? What exactly is happening? Where is your character? Which zone, what is their /loc. As much information as possible. These are needles in a haystack, and without knowing exactly what is going on, and how to reproduce it, they are very challenging to fix. Think of it like calling a mechanic and saying your car doesn't work. He's going to ask you a million questions...

Try to be smart.
While this isn't really related to having a problem, just remember to play smart. It's the first day, don't be that guy out there with his full group running around questing and stealing real players mobs. Devs are around, and you will get yourself in trouble.

For the most up to date information:
These forums are great for finding out problems/solutions, but if you want real time updates on people reporting problems and us working on fixing them, join IRC here.
Please keep the conversations in the channel. Don't PM people because you have an error.
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