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    I wanted to quickly see if anyone may have a solution to a problem I've come across. To see the issue I'am having- Have at least one quest in your journal. In Innerspace's console type "echo ${Journal[Quest,1].ObjectivesShort}" w/o quotations. This will show you the killcount if present for that quest. However, It also contains a lot of gibberish. Such as Indent tags (HTML/XML code) that I would like to strip out to only show the text.

    Did some searches and there is supposedly a RegEx module out there but the download links were totally out of date.

    How would I go abouts dealing with this? Or is it possible that a developer could solve this in future releases? If so, I'd like to add Current and Total count for quest entries too.

    Any assistance would be appreciated.
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    I <3 You :)

    On the same note though, This is what I did to simply try things out. Is there a better way of dealing with it mayhap?

    Code (Text):
    declare _tex string "<HTML><Body>Testing Something here</Body></HTML>"
    echo ${_tex.Token[3, ">"].Token[1, "<"]}
    Will output "Testing Something here" that is exactly what I want so nothing wrong with it. Just wondering :)

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