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EDIT: Updated Download to v1.32b

As many have discerned over the course of using the other stuff out there, there are two sets of rules and codes: one for the developer and his friends, and those for everyone else. As such, I have endeavored to lift the veil and release a replacement for the combat routine portion of the other programs out there. This will open up the majority of content that we are ultimately interested in and so far been kept for only a small handful of users: high end raid content. This is a combat bot that is and will remain free forever and is fully compatible with ISXRI and any other future extensions. More information on isxri to come from Herculezz watch the forums

The combat bot has been aptly named THGBOT,

THGBOT is late in beta and has been used extensively by our testers with the purpose to fulfill their combat bot needs. It has proven effective and in some cases superior to the other guys on testing dummies. It has been used in Ethereal farming (200+ and counting) in live heroic zones as well as raid content. To be clear, it is a combat bot and not a full replacement for other stuff out there. Yet.

To use this DLL, you'll follow these simple steps:

Copy/Save the DLL to your innerspace\extensions\isdk34 folder.

Make a folder called ISXTHG in your innerspace\scripts folder (innerspace\scripts\isxthg

Copy/Save the XML file into this folder.

When you're ready to run RI/RZ, etc you'll simply :

in your console type :

relay all ext isxthg

followed by

relay all thgbot

It will then auto start the combat routines and work in conjunction with ISXRI and allow for you to run zones, do the raids, etc. Look at for a list of the raids/zones available.

This is a work in progress, so we'll be making many changes every few days, so keep checking back often, either to this thread, or to #ISXThg.

change log
v1.20b Changes - Fixed a bug in Targeting that would cause the toon to stop targeting checks when assist was set to them
v1.20b Changes - Fixed a bug in Item cast that was turning on Assist even on toon that previously did not have them
v1.20b Changes - Added Max Increments Abilities for Wizard/Warlock/Conjuror/Necromancer/Monk/Guardian/Brigand/Mystic
v1.20b Changes - Added Cure Curse when Seen "need a cure curse"
v1.20b Changes - Added Confront Fear when Seen "need a confront fear"
v1.20b Changes - Added Confront Fear call out when have revive sickness

v1.21b Changes - Fixed a bug in THGBotCastOn Atom
v1.21b Changes - Added Negative Void Logic to Warlock
v1.21b Changes - Fixed a bug in CF Logic that was making it call out on Revive

v1.22b Changes - Fixed a bug in THGBotChangeAssist Atom

v1.23b Changes - Added Debug booleans -
v1.23b Changes - Added the classes that can cast while moving
v1.23b Changes - Modified casting routine to help prevent toggling of abilities
v1.23b Changes - Added Raid/Group Name-Distance-Target HUD
v1.23b Changes - Added PreCast PostCast

v1.24b Changes - Added Savagery checks for Beastlord
v1.24b Changes - Added Dissonance checks for Channeler

v1.25b Changes - Added paladin/shadowknight to cast while moving

v1.26b Changes - Fixed an issue with THGBotAssisting that was causing the tank to not TargetNearestAggroMob
v1.26b Changes - Added announce

v1.27b Changes - Fixed a bug in Pre/Post cast that was ignoring Disabled Setting

v1.28b Changes - Fixed a bug in CheckAssist on fighters that was erroring

v1.29b Changes - Added THGBotChangeFaceNPC and THGBotChangeFaceNPCGlobal
v1.29b Changes - Added Exploit Weakness for Predators

v1.30b Changes - Added CharmInfo

v1.31b Changes - Internal Testing Build

v1.32b Changes - Fixed a bug in abilities that do now allowraid and heals to other groups
v1.32b Changes - Drastically Changed Checking Routine
v1.32b Changes - Added Ability to change Profiles (dynamically)
v1.32b Changes - Added Auto Attack Timing
v1.32b Changes - Added Close and Reload of the bot when a different Toon Name is detected
v1.32b Changes - Added Ability to Change Aliases (dynamically)
v1.32b Changes - Added THGBotAutoAttackTiming global bool to turn on/off auto attack timing (default is on)
v1.32b Changes - Added THGBotCastExploitWeakness global bool to turn on/off exploit weakness for predators (default is on)
v1.32b Changes - Fixed a bug that was not getting a KillTarget, causing all flanking/back abilities to try to cast when not behind
v1.32b Changes - Fixed a bug in Negative Void code
v1.32b Changes - Fixed a bug in req flanking code
v1.32b Changes - Fixed a bug in KillTargetID code
v1.32b Changes - Fixed a bug in AllowRaid check
v1.32b Changes - Tweaked a few things for better performance
v1.32b Changes - Added real ismoving checks and only allow CA's to cast while moving
v1.32b Changes - Added invis casting, and In Plain Sight Detection for Assassin's
v1.32b Changes - Fixed a bug that was cycling Item Maintained Effect Items that had a target of Self (Vigor Charm)
v1.32b Changes - Removed auto loading of RI's Raid/Group and Closest Named/NPC/PC hud's (per request)
v1.32b Changes - Added cancel invis after combat
v1.32b Changes - Fixed a bug that was causing you to target yourself when using an item that was set with no target (on tanks this would cause them to target themselves forever)
v1.32b Changes - Fixed a bug that was not retargeting your target after casting an item
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You do realize that DBG closely monitors who is killing top end raid content right? The unfortunate truth is, there are people in our community that can’t be trusted not to brag (I seem to remember you bragging in #isxeq2 about what you were able to kill), can’t be trusted not to SLR top raid gear to guilds that can't clear it themselves and can’t be trusted not to loop for days running the content. As an extension developer, you need to consider this when releasing scripts. If ISXEQ2 gets shut down because you allowed unrestricted access, everyone loses.

Were you even here during Chains of Eternity when we were told by game developers to keep a lid on top end raiding or face getting shut down?

If ISXRI/THGBot are allowed infinite looping and top end raid encounter automation, there’s a high risk that eventually DBG are going to increase their efforts to shut us down. You can ignore this and call me paranoid all you want, but when DBG starts to shut things down for ALL OF US, we will know who to blame.
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Personal disputes should be done in private messages and/or email (or, on a forum that's intended for such things.) I do not mind criticisms and/or concern over products, etc but I am not interested in having drama here on my forums. Basically, anything that gets "personal", is off-topic.

I've edited bjcasey's posting to remove the off-topic material. I removed the responses by Herculezz and thg (as they pertained specifically to the "off-topic" material); however, you're more than welcome to write a new response to the criticisms, if so inclined.


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You should also add that you need ISXOgre profiles and exports since it basically leaches off of it...


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That is correct bowbies, this bot is just a combat assistant, it only casts abilities, no movement, for that you will want to try ISXRI, It has rimui and rimovement and a lot of other usefull scripts that go along nicely with my bot.


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With the advent and release of CombatBot, THGBot is no longer necessary. Please use CombatBot instead, it's far better and is actively in support.
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