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  1. Pygar

    Pygar EQ2Bot Specialist

    I've begun the process of cleaning up and updating some of the scripts.

    I started with Defiler. It is now released and on the SVN.

    If you use the class at all, you may want to check it out. I'm happy with its current performance.

    I've not decided which I will do next, but it is likely to be Wizard or Warden.

    Oh yeah, release notes:
    ;version 20120503a
    ;by Pygar
    ; Curse cures are no longer restricted to self or one other. If curse cures are selected it will cure in group curses if they exist.
    ; Added Heroic Tree Abilities
    ; General healing improvements:
    ; Defiler far more likely to prioritize curing group over spaming wards on MT
    ; Defiler far more likely to use group heals when needed
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  2. insanitywiz

    insanitywiz Senior Member

    Very awesome!
  3. TheHaydens

    TheHaydens Member

    I was unaware anyone actually shared each other's scripts, nice work dude!! I have already brought all but 3 of the classes up to date all the way to the new Skyfire Xpack including but not limited too the (Prestige points,casting orders, spell lists, and tweaked the eq2bot/eq2botcommander to be more "raid bot for Skyfire" friendly. Also including utilizing tinker items in with all my bot groups / raids... I love tinkering now!! Also updated the crafting scripts because some tiers it's bugged and crashes a lot, including the adorning ones also.. I am currently trying to get the navigation down though, bugs me that I cannot seem to figure out how to work it..

    But glad to know there is someone out there trying to do the same thing!!
  4. TheHaydens

    TheHaydens Member


    Pygar, I uploaded all my scripts which are found on my member profile page. I would like to invite you to work alongside me to really see how crazingly-awesome we can turn Eq2bot into.. I been dieing to find someone else interested!!!
  5. canoppener

    canoppener Active Member

    Did you really put a donate button in your signature for stuff someone else wrote?

    The vast majority of what you are using from SVN are entire scripts people wrote from scratch without ever asking for a penny.
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  6. TheHaydens

    TheHaydens Member

    this is off topic, but yes I did... EQ2Bot was from 4 xpacks ago.. My wife and I brought it up into the current not to mention turning a 30k wizzy into a 130k wizzy and now same script has my wizzy doing 350k.. I think it is worth a possible donation, especially since we spent a lot fo time in debugging the scripts, redoing the casting orders include new features, and updating spell list. Not to mention a bunch more stuff, for full list visit my profile page, but wife and I spent over 100hrs easy on my updates scripts...

    Your logic is like blasting Microsoft for coming out with Win7 when they already had Win3.1, granted EQ2bot was outdated by 2-3yrs and not 13, but in eq2life that's eternity, lol

    ~~~ Would it make you feel better if I gutted it out completely, renamed it - password protected it and sold as subscription only, instead of Donations??
  7. Nuprecon

    Nuprecon Active Member

    For the record, Ogre is nothing like eq2bot, has none of the same code, was completely hand built by Kannkor with his own coding knowledge and is almost as old as eq2bot.

    Implying that it is just a gutted version of some one elses work really isnt a fair assessment. You really should stop psudo bashing Ogre for being a subscription base because you obviously understand the time / energy that goes into making a constantly updated program. Asking for Donations for doing something, and to continue doing something, is not really that far from requiring a subscription for it.
  8. bob_the_builder

    bob_the_builder Well-Known Member


    Yeah no... All you are doing is changing the class scripts. You aren't touching the eq2bot core code at all are you?

    Just to put this out there I wrote the class scripts for about 8 classes, debugged them for years, and never once asked for a donate ... And when I say "I wrote the class scripts" all I really did is copy/paste and move casting orders... The main CORE CODE of eq2bot hasn't changed and tweaking a few lines of code in the core files doesn't count.
  9. TheHaydens

    TheHaydens Member

    - If I insulted Ogrebot that I do apologize not my intentions.

    - If I see myself in channels begging and crying for donations that would be one thing but spreading my scripts around and just having a little signature that people can easily ignore is pretty reasonable especially the time we put into it.

    - I honestly don't see what the deal with all the members whining. I may just password protect the scripts and auto block everyone who bitches because the same people who bitch and complain somehow still downloaded my scripts (100+ downloads in 2days) ~ I didn't even know the community was that large actually...
  10. TheHaydens

    TheHaydens Member

    For most classes we actually reworked every line, not to mention spell list and had to implement new code to work alongside the tinker scripts that were added.. (This actually took some time, I added in the scripts into every class, than learned it to be annoying (Changing what tools to use) so had to put a universal script like the one I made for Bladedance triggers which made it much easier) I didn't like how the Eq2bot was used to calling spells to be cast so I took that out and added my ";priority casting" which makes changing the casting order to, "any noob can do" and labeling every spell in the script itself so you won't have to keep referring to the damn spell list for every spell, a lot of user friendly also been added (Which took up a lot of time also). A lot of other things too

    After tweaking the UI's it got to a point to where I was spending more time on the scripts than my actual job, so Yes after several months I decided to just have a way for donations since money is little tight to come by. I would of much rather been on the other side. I would rather donate 5$ couple times a year to someone to keep EQ2bot updated than spending the 100+hrs learning + Rebuilding + Updating. Trust me, I would much rather of been on the other side.

    I did have some fun learning how to script and write code (I was total noob at it) so I did take some skills that I will carry on after my experience with this program is over with. But overall I don't see an issue asking for donations, those donations are not required, like I said 100+ downloads and not one person donated not to mention I am still updating. But, just like anyone when I get tired and bored the "Is this really worth my time" will sink in and the donations will be judged (When real issues come up and money gets tighter) I will ask myself "Do I really need to waste all this time on Eq2bot when no one shows appreciation." That's reasonable also.
  11. Kannkor

    Kannkor Ogre

    You've not insulted Ogrebot (well, at least not insulted me/it enough for me to care). Because of the core design of EQ2bot, I personally don't find it "competition". Ogrebot is just so different. You seem to try to poke at it having a subscription, but I don't hide that in any way.

    I think you're doing a good thing for the community (updating scripts) and for yourself (learning etc). However, as by the responses you have received, I'd say maybe you went about it not in the best manner.

    I'm not sure "threatening" a bunch of hackers and cheaters that you will put a "password" on a zip file or a script is going to scare anyone.

    Part of the reason you may not have received any donations (yet), is it has only been 2 days, as you put it. If it's free, and people can donate if they wish, it won't happen instantly, otherwise it's a payment, not a donation. People need to test/use what you are supplying to see if it's worth anything to them.

    If someone downloads your wizard script (picking one that was mentioned somewhere), and it does LESS damage than their current one, should they donate simply because you spent time on changing it?

    I for one, certainly know how long it takes to learn, code, update, etc scripts. When I started off, I had no knowledge of LavishScript. I wouldn't ever expect writing scripts for bots will ever make you rich, cause, well, it won't. Ogrebot was created, something like 6 years ago, and it's been pubically available for... 2 years now? Write things for you, that you enjoy, that ARE worth your time. If you share them, and people believe they are worth while, people will donate.

    Be careful with what you "claim" is yours, because people right now are seeing you as taking someone elses work, doing minor changes, and putting them up as if they were yours, along side tons of information about donating. I know you've said it's just your sig and people can ignore it. I was curious and clicked on your profile page, many posts are very specific about why people should donate, and many of them aren't directly related to the actual scripts.
    What I mean by that, is saying how tight money is etc, should have no baring on a donation for quality of work. If a script is good, and someone feels it's worthy of a donation, they will likely donate. If a script isn't good, not worthy of a donation, but someone really needs the money, I personally don't think they should donate. I'm very big about keeping emotion out of business.

    Seeing how the last time I responded to you, it was way more aggressive than I had intended, I really mean no disrepect, or to be aggressive at all with this post. I'm hoping at best, you simply take it as an observation from someone on the sidelines watching events unfold.
  12. Pygar

    Pygar EQ2Bot Specialist

    Stop shitting on my threads!
  13. Pygar

    Pygar EQ2Bot Specialist

    For years this was a cooperative development project, entirely open source and I helped manage the merges and keeping the base release solid. Over the years the major contributors left game until only I was left. For a few years I kept all classes updated and kept up with releases, but then I sorta quit playing and let this languish.

    I'm picking it back up again, but I do not have the time/scope to keep all classes up to speed, so if you or anyone is willing to share what you have, I'll diff it, merge everything that looks solid and help tweak it.

    I'm probably the only one still around other than maybe Amadeus that really understand the core of the bot as well, and will take on some improvements to that as well.

    I don't mind you putting up a donation button if its clear what scripts you've modified and released. Over the years I offered scripts for hire where if someone donated a few bucks I re-wrote their class with whatever wishlist they have.

    If you have wizard that will save me some time as I was going towards that next. Instead I'll do Warden I think.
  14. TheHaydens

    TheHaydens Member

    If you would like just verify my scripts I have really focused on...

    Mage Setup~
    Sk, Defiler, Warden, Wizzy, Illy, Trouby, Necro

    Melee Setup~
    Guard, Defiler, Inq, Swashy, Coerc, Dirge, BL

    I have also worked on these classes also,
    Conjy, Fury

    Any other classes I haven't really touched because I am trying to get "Every scenario" worked out with these classes before moving onto the other classes.. Example, Turning Warden into a DPS beast but with one button becomes Pro Healer, same for inq (Since they backup heals) And summoners I added functioning Dim storage and it rechecks reanimate and auto casts it when in combat to ensure your pet stays alive the most.. and other tweaks, if your confused on why I did a certain setup ask in tells or profile board.. Maybe if I explain what i meant to do with your expertise in the field it could really help the scripts out..

    Currently I am trying to do navigation, do you happen to have any "older" zone navigation that I can look over to see how it works juggling (Navigation + combat) ??

    ~~ Also thought of it today, all those LON Damage proc spells.. I am going to put those into the scripts so if your happen to be having one in your bags you will apply that damage shield much like a buff.. I will prob work on that after my Colorado trip, so just a heads up.

    Issues so far,

    1) Dirge: Stripping of rez sick on people as they get rez (By the dirge or backup healers)
    2) Inq/Necro: not auto rez'ing (Their aa's) like they should be when they die
    3) Guardian: Not stone skinning while Divine Guidance is up (Thought I had it but the spell is not in effects, so he doesn't recognize it)
    4) (1) wizzy's buffs (Mystical overflow is labeled as wrong spell) Fixed just happened updated my script download file yet
    5) Adding Damage Shields from LON Illusions (Same format as Tinkering, applying If/ElseIf/ect)
    6) Navigation
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  15. Pygar

    Pygar EQ2Bot Specialist

    I need to know what you mean by navigation.

    I have purposefully limited navigation and do not plan to enhance it further as its primary usage is afk boting. We've take a turn away from enabling afk boting within this community and I'm just not comfortable putting up a fully featured bot to do that with.

    Now if your talking about in combat movement, I do have local changes to that I intend to commit soonish.

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