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will repost in future date..
My first attempt at making a multibot system failed with the use of Innerspace relay.Then I took the time to makeshift remoting into the project and made that the core for communication between a server and clients. It went from a simple message relay system into a server data relay system, which is complicated and overwhelming to understand. The project is now split into three things: Server, Client, and RemoteDLL. The idea behind this was to make a team system that would work in sync together and also allow roaming from system to system as a team. The project currently has implemented communication and data sharing.... the implementing of the botting classes... well let's just say it's more time just fixing a simple line of code then it is designing the idea.

Anyways, this project is not user-friendly (it's for programmers at its current stage) I started on miner/hauler classes but the hauler is broken because of (redundant variables removed) and the miner is not fully tested and is more than likely broken somewhere.

Also, The server when running will monitor windows against current loaded profiles, allowing for quick crash recovery, auto client launching and auto login, although at the moment when launching fresh windows the client UI likes to hide. If you close the server the clients will soon close as well. To load a profile you need to use the XML Class LoadTeamProfileXML with either test/test2.XML Examples. and... the binaries should go into the innerspace/.Net Programs folder.

Attachment includes both the compiled bin and source code. :rolleyes:


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