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    I was trying to get VGA to run a 55 Bloodmage the other day, and im sorry to say it didnt work out very well, healing was odd, fighting was probably ok, but getting it to use Bloodunion points was beyond my understanding...

    The old BM script does a reasonable job of playing the BM as healer/buffer, but lacks some of the functionality from VGA. and it is no good as a fighter/healer.

    So im asking if anyone succesfully use VGA to run a BM in a group / duo setup?

    Would you possibly share your .xml settings file?, or just post your personal setup?

    And a disclaimer, im no expert on playing a BM, just have access to a friends account :).
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    There are different play styles for Blood Mages each with their advantages and disadvantages and to let you know, I believe Blood Mages are a very challenging class to play because of all the available options given to you to use.

    If you are focusing on doing only DPS then using DOT's and monitoring Blood Union is a must. If you prefer to focus on LifeTaps and using only Blood Tribute (group crit heal) then you don't need to monitor Blood Union because you want to keep them maxed for best healing. Otherwise, if you are playing like other healers by relying on your vital heals then you are playing safely.

    We tried encorparating BM routines into VGA and got them to some what work but we faced a few hurdles that made it somewhat unreliable. For instance, the system would bottleneck and slowed down because of the constant checks we do to figure out who has the lowest health and whether or not if they are in your group.

    I have used VGA with a BM and it actually works great. I stayed away from utilizing any of the vital heals and strickly focused on DOTs and LifeTaps.

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