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    Decided to start a new post for this script as to manage the files a little better as I update it more. Please post ideas, issues, etc to the original forum posts located here ...


    An assistance script for pet class's to control how your pet helps you, and your fellow group members.

    Anyone with a pet class probly knows how it can be an issue with your pet not staying in combat, or if you go AFK in a bad area, even a low lvl mob can destroy you if you forget to put your pet into "defend" mode. This script tells your pet to watch you, and if you get attacked, it helps you. If you are attacking, it helps you. If you are grouped, it helps your group members automaticly. If will allow you to auto cast some of the pet specific skills to keep them updated. More features will come soon.

    CURRENT : v1.05a

    - pet assists / guards you
    - pet assists / guards group
    - pet auto uses pet abilities that you choose
    - comes with a quick rename button for pet renaming
    - comes as a graphical UI for easy settings changing, comes with all pet commands with equizilent minion comands for 1 click execution
    - abilty to auto cast pet specific spells (ex: buffs for pets) when placed into combat
    - option to minimize UI menu, for a clean, and easy viewing pet commands without all the options taking up the window
    - toggle on/off pet assisting while harvesting
    - Set distance for pet to auto attack or backoff from the target
    - Able to setup spells to use in combat
    - Able to setup DOT / DeBuffs to auto use, and keep active on your enimy

    Install Notes :
    just download, and extract contents from zip into script folder. type "runscript vgpetassist" to start it. Make sure you have ISXVG running first. After it's runing, it will auto display when you have a pet, and auto hide when you dont.

    Thanks for everyone that helped me out with having the patients to talk to me on this as i was learning the layout and whatnot.

    Main Settings :

    Abilities :

    Distance Settings :

    UI Minimized (buttoms work as normal ingame buttons) :

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