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    I agree, the game is quite fun so far, and I would also love to see an ISX for it with some sort of combat / crafting assistance.
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    Setting up a CoD run - automated in isx

    Link to the Post for the Harvest Script
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    Setting up a CoD run - automated in isx

    Nm Misread your post. There is a script for that zone for harvesting, so you may want to look at it. The script covers zoning in, moving through the zone and then zoning out again. And then repeating that process.
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    Ogre Harvest Beta available on SVN

    Will do, and that may make sense, as i noticed my brothers maps work well That resolved the issue, appears to be running well now. Thanks Much
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    Ogre Harvest Beta available on SVN

    Yes, both times I had points. On the current one I am trying, is Gazer Isle for the roots I have 3 points as the island is small Start, 2, and 3 Got them loaded in the point list and saved, but no luck On an update though, it ran for like 3 min today for the first time, but not sure if it...
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    Ogre Harvest Beta available on SVN

    Issues with Map Hello Not sure, if I am doing something wrong or what. But figure I can post For about a week now I have been unable to create a MAP that I can get to work. I make the map, and when I try to run eq2ogreharvest I get tons of spam of RegionName: 2 - CenterPoint: Null...
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    wtb job for Amadeus in EST

    Is it requested that we post on here on Patch Days. If so I can start doing that, I am at work at 7:30 EST and know as soon as Servers are down as I play at home and at work. I saw they were down right when I tried to play at work today, lol
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    wtb job for Amadeus in EST

    They actually did this morning. But he really just needs a job where he can game at work and be able to fix from there. I play from work and patches so kill my productivity in game, but raise my productivity at work lol
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    Consolidation Script Requested

    This would be hugely helpful for house chests also. As I craft alot with VGCraft, I have like 3 chests plus a bank full of various crafting dusts and crystals and such. And it is such a Pain to have to go through them and make sure I dont have duplicate stacks and try to keep them in some...
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    VGFish -- Discussion

    Cannot SVN UPdate Not sure what my issue might be, but I am not getting an option for SVN Update on vgfish, I only get SVN Checkout. I can do updates on other scripts such as VGA and VGcraft but not getting the icon on vgfish. Any Ideas Thanks Drew
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    VGCraft -- Discussion

    I am back playing VG after about a year off and using ISX again. I am playing with VGCraft again as I did before and it is working well, but I am not playing with a function I dont remember from before and that is the IRC Tab. Does anybody have any info on this. I have it so that the...
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    KBot feedback thread

    That would be great, I have been reading over Kbot today to try and get an understanding of the code, and will help any I can. Not really a coder, but I can help figure out some stuff. Would be great to get a new bot up, as VG seems to be getting alot of players back and is becoming a...
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    Feedback for VGCraftBot thread (NEW!)

    Also do you have auto setup for your table in crafting on. I have noticed that on occasion when I have that on, it wont add some of my extra items or will add 2 of certain things, if VG itself added it once and then the Bot also wants to add it. But I will test some of this tonight when I...
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    KBot feedback thread

    It appears the bot does run spotty anymore and I dont really think its updated When I try to run it, It will kill some mobs and skip some and it also loots some mobs but skips some. I am working on trying to learn the language so that I can maybe fix it, or create something new, but...
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    Harvest Assist Bot - Feedback

    You need to make sure you download moveto.iss from here also from a different post You can get it here I had this problem after deleting everything once. Download it and place it in the folder named Common under scripts If you do...
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