Jun 1, 2006
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    1. Qboxer
      Can you look at my post about CRAFT, re-subbed to use it, but looks like it's got issues
    2. dbhoward20
      Hey Amadeus is LavishScript an OOP language? I would like to start learning it, I'm already very good with Java and would love to pick up working on the Eve Bot.
    3. helldarth
      Hi Amadeus,
      My PayPal account is not working when I try to subscribe ISXEVE, it request an USD Card, i conntacted the PayPal support about it and they answer => you need a USD card for this transaction :( what a shit.

      Do you have a different payment option?
    4. rogeruk
      Amadeus, what resources would you suggest to use/read/learn from for creating an extension to go along side ISXEVE?. I use C# with the .NET wrapper but using .exe files for releases would be suspicious. How would I go about creating a DLL? Cant find any uptodate information on the ISXDK
    5. Corky
      Hey Amadeus I am new around here and want to take over the EveBot project since the original author is no longer around, I was wondering, if I get a beta up and running if you could create a sub forum in the Evebot section for Bugs? I think it would be easier for people to post the bugs in the forum rather than in the forge. If not it's no big deal. Just shoot me a PM and let me know if you can.
      1. Amadeus
        Actually, I would prefer to keep bugs/feature requests on Forge; however, you're welcome to create threads in the EVEBot forum explaining how/where to post bugs/requests, etc.
        Mar 25, 2017
      2. Amadeus
        Also, with regard to taking over EVEBot -- I would also prefer that we keep the official release on github. So, you can fork a version there and then do pull requests, etc. If you're around long enough and get established/trusted, then we can probably give you access to do direct pushes to the repository.

        If you need more information or have questions, you should be on IRC and PM Cybertech.
        Mar 25, 2017
    6. Greythorn
      Is eve still available with an active eq2 account?
    7. eddie43302
      hey just reupped my isxgame account for eq2 says I didn't pay please check paypal payment thanks
    8. saridd
      Hey Amadeus. My auto subscription renewal failed due to an expired credit card. I fixed it up but now I have paid twice. Not looking for a refund, instead can you extend my subscription expiry date for the extra payment which I have made?
    9. krashtest
      Hey bud, my subscription got cancled cause of paypal, how do I get it back in affect again
    10. xinux
      Sent you a message over at VGOEmu and hope things are well with you. The username and password for ISXVG doesn't seem to be working anymore.
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      2. xinux
        Just tried on my home machine which use to work but it doesn't anymore either it just crashes as soon as i type ext isxvg
        Aug 28, 2015
      3. Amadeus
        I want to test it..but the new launcher doesn't let me select the installation directory for the launcher, nor does it display the installed location. This is lame and needs to be fixed (one or the other.)

        Anyway, where is the launcher installed so that I can test launching it with innerspace?
        Aug 28, 2015
      4. Amadeus
        I tell you what, you get the launcher fixed and then I'll work on ISXVG. There is no reason for me to even spend time on it if no one is going to be able to use it. Having people try to launch a "launchpad" (via innerspace) with such a convoluted install directory isn't going to work.
        Aug 28, 2015
    11. Bishop97
      Hi Amadeus. I'm having issues with isxeve - posted in general ( but only one person responded and indicated he's having the same trouble. I've tried the whole reinstall everything (lavishsoft, eve, isxeve, etc.) route on two different computers now. Even uninstalled .net and reinstalled that too. Any thoughts ?
      1. Amadeus
        It should be fixed now as of version 20150714.0005
        Aug 6, 2015
    12. Qboxer
      Hey Amadeus, a long time ago I used to input a line that would take away atmosphere effects in the game, it actually made the game look better and run smoother. I lost the info though. Could you tell me what to enter? ISXEQ2
      1. Amadeus
        Jul 30, 2015
    13. mamrono
      Hello, how can I change my username?
      1. Amadeus
        Send me an email and I will change it.
        Jul 7, 2015
    14. Dinoishere78
      i have not been able to get on or use the system i a week what the heck am i doing wrong or is it on your end
      1. Amadeus
        You haven't provided any information as to your problem. Are you using ISXEVE? If so, did you read my announcement on the ISXEVE forums?
        Jun 9, 2015
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