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    Profile Import

    If you have the old files, just put them straight into the folder above import. That way when Ogre loads, it'll read that file and pick up all that info.
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    Ogrebot For Warden -eq2

    For Kaladim at leel 7 that profile is going to do little/nothing. Most of the combat art abilities are AA's that you won't get for at least 8 months, and several of the heals until a higher level. It might be more worth trying to see if anybody has a TLE warden profile that is more suited to...
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    Is Ogregaming Out Of Business?
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    Previous Ascension Version

    Easiest way, open up the ability information file for that character, do a Ctrl + F search to find the new one, and delete the whole line. Restart bot and it'll use old one.
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    Thinking Of Checking Out Eq2 Again.

    You have to quest it, however, Pork's AutoQuest ( will do the questlines for you with very little effort from yourself. That'll get you from 100-110 with ease. (All included in OgreBot).
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    Shard Of Hate : Utter Contempt Heroic - Strats And Walkthrough

    Kickback is a frontal with a reasonably long cast time. Park group just behind its front legs and make sure it's classed as behind (If you put tank on that spot, mob should in theory change direction). Personally for first 50%, I used an auto target on the bloods on my DPS (All assisting my...
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    Fabled Guk

    Pull with temps up, kill one ASAP. Having 10+ mobs = 100% Bleedthrough. As soon as below 10, its a lot more manageable.
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    Fabled Guk

    Yep it does.
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    Fabled Guk

    Guk 1 and 2 are tank and spank basically. 3 Requires a little bit more, and 4 has a couple of jousty style mobs. The only real 'scripting' I could imagine would perhaps be a DPS character using the Chaos Spark on the 3rd or 4th named in Guk 3 to keep it doing damage. Maybe a joust on the 2nd...
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    Exp 15 And Epic 2.0

    November usually for expacs, late rather than early. I'd also expect that you won't instantly replace your epic day 1 of expac, or get the spells instantly. Probably best working on it still at the moment if you can.
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    Ogre Radar

    There are fake ones all over the map like you experienced. One of the easiest ways to tell them apart, is if you can left click it on Radar and it becomes targetable, it's a real one. If not, it's a fake location. Whether these fake locations need to be cleared for real ones to pop, I'm unsure.
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    Pop Ethereal Strategies

    No, but really not needed for most. Below is the easiest/quickest options imo. Imp - Just tank and spank it, if it memwipes, snap it back. Morg - Tank and spank it. Keep toons very close to it. Hit the 'ZONE' button to clear curses. Horb - Tank and spank it. Keep toons very close to it. Hit the...
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    Pop Ethereal Strategies

    The key thing is likely to be your HP. I'd give disease event heroic a try on expert. It's the easiest by far. I'd also suggest using your expert potions to do Shard of Hate - I did this with an old group the other day with 0 epics, 40k potency (before potion). You can get some very nice loot...
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    Pop Ethereal Strategies

    Correct Max 8 per day 2 from Heroic 6 from Experts They will always appear at the end of a mission though as a reward, but you'll see a message in chat along the lines of "You have recieved your maximum amount of coins. This resets at xxxxx", and they won't appear in your inventory.
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    6 Box Pop

    Yep pretty much how PoP started for those without raid gear from previous expac. As Kannkor says above, Epic 2.0's make a huge difference, and should be a good priority when you can. Otherwise the grind will be a bit painful but it is worth it. As your potency goes up you'll see massive gains...
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