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    Ogre Ic Scornfeather's Roost

    First attempt at a zone file using the new Ogre IC
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    Zone Information Script Re-write

    perfect i would rather there be a default as its less work for me and have the option to overwrite the specific zone info file as long as its only for that specific zone. when you update the default zone as you add new zones i dont want to have to update the custom one
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    Zone Information Script Re-write

    1) Yes and have QB handle the zone out message / reset automatically 2) perfect 3) oh i didnt think about using that. good idea P.S. i know we talked about this before but being able to choose which door number for zone in because some zones change depending on level and flagging
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    Zone Information Script Re-write

    Some zones that are not persistent and when you are locked they have the message box that pops up are you sure you want to leave? Yes/No I imagine this could be included automatically if zone isn't persistent. If you just make one lockout timer per zone and persistent ones just use the short...
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    Server Merges With Free Transfers

    well the mergers are coming and are almost over after which a free week of transfers is up. I am opening up recruitment to the community to join a guild on the Halls of Fate server. I know its 2 months till the expansion and if the forums are any indication burn out has taken its toll there is...
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    When Installing A Fresh New Copy

    so i was installing isx eq2 on a new machine and downloaded the everquest 2 client brand new and did a complete from scratch install. One thing to mention to new players is they should rename the folder that it downloads into from Daybreak Games to Sony Online Entertainment to make sure...
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    The Real Future Of Botting.
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    War Runes

    Sure there is... Just take a few mana break them down to infusion then into powder then fragments then reverse and go back the other way
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    Airship Architect Collection

    \ thats intense. i did it 2 times and was like man... not again!
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    Time-locked Server

    i wonder if there will be a way to run virtual desktops then
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    Time Lock Progression Server Pve Guild Recruiting

    I will be creating a guild on the Time lock servers assuming everything works over there like it does on live. i currently have a bunch of non drama people coming with me and would like to extend this invite to the rest of the family. It's a lot more fun when other people are on to banter with...
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    Interupting Spell Cast I just submitted this hoping beyond hope that this becomes a reality
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    DoV/Drunder Heroic CLEARED!

    ok cool beans thanks for all you do!
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