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    Force Patch 1/6

    No, not yet.
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    Mats HUD

    Is it possible to have a hud that displays the quantity of mats in the Depot while you are at a crafting station? I was going to try and make something that displays how many raws are available based off the crafting level of the crafter.
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    Ogre harvest map sharing

    Cybertech, is that map viewer your using available or another tool similar that we can use to look at our maps?
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    Cove of Decay Harvest *BETA*

    Maybe maybe not. You have a chance of being banned for any kind of botting. If that's your worry then you shouldnt use ISX period. I was doing it forever before the Nav system was changed.
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    Cove of Decay Harvest *BETA*

    Hmm maybe i have the harvest script i am using confused... I think i am using Goharvest. I used the goHarvest script inside of COD and it works great, I just need to figure out how to integrate the Zoning in and out of COD either at a set amount of time or after the nodes I want are gone.
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    Cove of Decay Harvest *BETA* Does this still work or does it need to be converted to use simpleharvest?
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    Discussion Thread for CoD Harvest

    I have a small request if its not too much work... Could you add counter next to the mats to be harvested on the CoD Harvest UI? when the automatic harvest bot resets the counts are lost. I would like to see the counts without having to open my inventory and count manually...
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    Discussion Thread for CoD Harvest

    I extracted the zip to the scripts folder wich places a cod folder in scripts with all the files in it. Maybe i extracted it wrong? were the contents of the cod folder within the zip supposed to be placed in the scripts folder?
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    Discussion Thread for CoD Harvest

    It works fairly well except that the token seems to get stuck at 1. I uncomented the token echo statement. When you first start the script you get: Token 1 and after your nodes are all harvested it then start to loop back and fourth on your path and I can see this: Token 1 Token 1...
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    Discussion Thread for CoD Harvest

    Is it possible to have the script check if nodes on the list to be harvested exist instead of any node? I dont want to harvest everything. Thanks.
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    Druid Portbot v1.2 3.21.08

    you have to send the bot a /tell bot add playername
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    auto accept raid/group invites

    I had one, I will see if I can dig it up.
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    ISX UI integration

    ahh ok thanks!
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    ISX UI integration

    Is it possible to use SOE's UIBuilder to integrate some of the features of ISX such as radar? I remember back in eq1 there was a UI that had some features of MQ2 integrated in the UI.
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    Swapping DDS

    I run a custom UI "Profit UI" I thought some people would like to have craft match the UI they use. I replace the and with the ones from profit. Now it matches my UI perfectly. you have to replace the .dds files in C:\Innerspace\Interface\Skins\EQ2
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