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    When running writs with Ogre Craft it says my writ limit needs to be reset and to contact yuorself. Could you pls reset my writ limit so I can continue to craft.
    Hmm it seems to have corrected itself now so fingers crossed it continues to work properly
    Every time I try to reply to your message it says I am sending spam or something about my content??

    This is the only place I can post so I can't respond to your PM.
    Kannkor I'm very interested in the eq1 bot. Is there any way to help testing it? I would like to run it on a private server so need to keep it up to date with SoE.
    Hey dude... I see you are thinking about doing some vids on scripting which is awesome and I will be definately Dl'g. I was wonder if you could drop out a few very short starter example with good commenting for newbies. A hello world would be great. I have a fair bit of coding in c++ from years back but haven't in quite sometime. I want to get back to it but RL sucks the time away lol... any direction you can point for good examples and info would be greatly appreciated.

    Thx in Advance!
    Hello Kannkor,

    Is there any possible way for you to check out that Pack Pony script Deugar wrote and see why it's no longer working with the updated Ogre? Thank you in advance.
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