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  • I know you prolly get alot of people asking you stuff.... But if you would be so kind to toss me some info ? Im trying to take advantage of Yer new Script here VGA, but for some reason i can get it to do the simplest thing to BUFF the people in grp, heck BUFF my self alone, Some other people posted requesting a Walkthru on how to use yer VGA script.. i know id love some info on how to get it to work, I must be doing something wrong. Ive used scripts in the past and had no problems, Diplobot,Vgcraft,Harv(dont work no more), to name some. All those yea put in the info needed and it works, but this one has me stumped =( it looks amazing but what am i doing wrong that i cant even get it to buff hehe =(. Please take pity on me cause ive take 3hrs straight online trying figure this thing out. It would be life saver for me cause im always 2boxing due to low server Population and its a killer trying Be main Healer in a grp and the Main tank in grp... please save me =)
    Hi there... I am having trouble with the stance/song switching on my bard. I keep getting stuck in 'out of Combat' mode after a fight starts.
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