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    GM in our zone!

    As long as he doesn't read this forum you should have no problem.
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    Erudin's Palace/Befallen nerf...

    good idea, incoming pms
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    Erudin's Palace/Befallen nerf...

    I knew palace was kickass xp the first time i saw it. I wasnt tough enough to farm it at the time, so I kept it on the backburner. what a pisser it got nerfed before i got to live there. i guess like dm pl'in. I guess go back to anathema. you know any other good spots?
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    This is not an Emergency! I am going to continue trying to figure this out.

    Re: Ogre Harvest Not Emergency Erollisi ? Looks like you got it going, glad you got your suffering to end. Wish other addictions had cheats like ogre. I guess it'd be like, being a wino that only drinks dom perignon. Or being overweight from caviar, lobster tails and filet Mignon.
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    please help make a script on a light bulb, eyes.

    I think I can translate. You want a script for eve-online that you can run on an alt in an unwatched client that will make a sound to alert you when (something happens), gonna guess 'when someone not friendly enters the system'. I love my avatar, that's how much ISK i had before i got IP...
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    OgreMCP issue

    Hey Pixx, you're using Ogre in EQ2 now. It's alot like buying a NASA alien car to drive to work in, that has 3 dashboards full of blinking buttons. Most of the stuff is set to 'do nothing harmful' so you don't run it and get in trouble right off the bat. You wouldn't want to run Ogre and...
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    Snippet: Destroy While Crafting

    oh geez! Now that you even suggest that there's something other than the answer I was expecting, I took another closer look at things I had not be focusing on, and for the first time I realized that the main function isn't the top one! It never even occurred to me that you can do that...
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    Snippet: Destroy While Crafting

    I can get this to work if I hardcode the item name into the script or if I use a one word name for the item. I keep trying but, I haven't figured out how to get it to work with a multi part name. run destroy Lead Bracelet run destroy "Lead Bracelet" run destroy "(Lead Bracelet)" None of...
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    overriding collision checks in ogre map

    I tried to recreate the scenario in a GH i'm trustee in and cannot recreate it yet, so i'll add details on the exact error and what may likely be causing it when I figure it out. -I think I figured it out. When the NPC is behind a counter, ogre movement determines that the npc is unreachable...
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    overriding collision checks in ogre map

    Before I made a feature request, I thought it would be better to see if i'm simply not doing it right. I was in a guild hall where I was a member, but not trustee, and the rush order agent is behind a circle of furniture. There might be other things complicating the issue, but, I think that...
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    Console key not working - completely lost.

    You can use F12 until you customize yours
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    How to project Eq2 Actor world coordinates onto screen coordinates?

    ah you're trying to zone into a place. The old COD script had an example. To zone into cove of decay out of that list of zones of decay you do this: Actor[name,zone_to_steppes_epic01_cove_right]:DoubleClick wait 50...
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    Want to learn LavishScript / scripting? Here is your chance!

    Thanks a ton for posting the lessons. They are super handy for getting a refresher on something I may not happen to remember, most of the wikis set up for support assume we have great prowess at scripting, and think we rarely need examples for what they consider obvious. What you've got...
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    Ogre craft broker buying problem

    I'll be glad to do the handholding and level them all up to max for ya, but, it would cost you about 5plat a day to cover expenses, and you could expect it to take anywhere from a day and a half to two full days.
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    How does the community view 6-boxing?

    Yes, a much better description there. I always have them run in front of me for awhile so they catch my attention, in fact, now that I think of it, I'm trying to remember if they sent me a tell before i said something! But yup, that's what they do now, they try to visually catch your...
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