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  • Got a lot of Private Messages regarding questions. Please utilize my Visitor Messages section (This section) with questions, Some are repeat questions..

    I love answering them, Maybe I will create a FAQ post, but till than utilize my message board instead of PM's unless it is personal or you are really nervous about asking.

    I love answering questions, it means you guys care, Keep it up!!!
    Reminder, wife and I spent collectively roughly 125hours (Learning the language of Eq2Bot + Modifying + Adding to the scripts) Also as long as appreciation is shown we will continue keeping the scripts updated and also to just show appreciation for continue use of the free software please show support, thanks!! Even if it's just 5$, anything helps!! (Beats the monthly subscription of other scripts!!)

    ~Thanks in Advance!!

    ~~ We have found some minor issues with spell lists and those have been updated + reworking the INQ / Necro
    ~~ Added another scriptors "golem.iss" script in it makes that (Last name in UD) fight a little easier for us all!!!
    ~~ Navigation is pushed aside till these are updated, sorry! ~~ Also anyone with any older navigation of older zone that I can work off of would be AWESOME!!!
    My current Scripts 6/11/2012 @ 4:54am

    I uploaded my entire "Script" folder as a zip file... Just unzip + copy / paste (Overright) that will give you all my scripts.

    Any questions about my scripts please be sure to ask on my profile page so everyone can see if they have the same question!!!

    ~~~~> My Scripts <~~~~
    I noticed my wizard buff (Mystical Overflow) is labeled wrong in spell list.. Expect a new update shortly

    I am planning on making a Weekly "Updated Scripts" or if it's HUGE Issue, a immediate Update, Checkback till I figure out how I am going to do it!!

    Giving me some setbacks. I also trying to figure out how to "click button" to zone.. But more info to come
    Currently Working on:
    - Navigation throughout the Skyshrine instances / x4 Skyshrine trash Farming
    - Perfect the Harvesting to "auto Harvest Better"
    - Tweaking all the classes spell casting orders / combo's
    My completed Projects:
    - Added corpse.iss (Farming ToFsx2) auto destroy corpses
    - Cleaned up most Class UI's to make it more proficient (Allows user to control them without knowing what every spell is)
    - Really spent a lot of time on the summoners, Made many changes that better suit both necros + Conjy's
    ^^ Including knowing to Dim storage + Reanimate and if pet dies which actions are best based on scenerios
    ^^^ My goal was to easily "bot" a summoner and these scripts I am very proud of, summoners are an asset once more!!
    - Defiler now has a option to where all he will do is spam wards + Key debuffs + Group Heal (Trigger procs)
    - Guardian "Smart Stoneskin* himself as long as buffs like (Divine Guidance, and other "immunity") buffs are not up
    ^^ keeps him from spamming them and having "holes" of stoneskins + Allows wards to be stacked up throughout fight
    - I'm sure there is more but this is all that I can remember!!
    My completed Projects:
    - Added more options for healers to be better "Primary" / "Support" healers, and support healers are now DPS (80k-130k)
    - Support Healers mostly cure/rez only, but has a button for "Oh shit" that triggers him out of dps and stabilizes the group better
    - Added Tinker tools to the list that will be cast throughout combat (When needed) ~ Very nice 25% death prevent/ea bot
    - Modified the scripts to better suite the "bot'ing raid" / "group bot'ing" (Curse Curing, Curing, power Regen, Temp buffs, and more)
    - Added Beastlord Casting order + Spell List + Combo's (150k easy instance gear)
    - Fixed the "bugs" with /craft (Some tiers gave errors for that tiers writs)
    - Raid temp buffs and Group temp buffs won't overlap others (Elemental Tox, CoB, Divine Guidance, Ect)
    - Fixed the classes casting order to better suite the Prestige Points (Refresh timers)
    - Fixed the targeting / reacquire targeting to be damn-near flawless, no more bots target whoever they want!
    My completed Projects:
    - Most classes have been updated to compliment the SF / Heroic / Prestige Points
    - Perfected the scripts to better go in sync with each other (Time warp + Fiery Blast + Temps)
    - Added combo's to all classes!!
    - Fixed the scripts casting order to better suite the current Xpack spells and "buff effects"
    - Made EQ2BotCommander tabs more reliable (Melee, Mage, General) Tabs that compliment perfect setups
    - Added a button to allow the user to control when Tort Shell / Blade Dance / Advance Warning to go off
    - Added joist points and recall points to allow joisting in and out of "raid scripts" and collecting everyone fast from knockbacks
    My Mission,
    Bring the experience of bot'ing /multi botting to every user who desires without being forced to pay added subscription fees. I have improved the EQ2Bot project to make it competative with other options.

    Any questions or a Specific Request you can contact me at:
    I'm working on trying to improve the "eq2bot" script for EQ2 and make it more "up to date" and proficient to where it can be used by the community. If you have any ideas or suggestions or even already improved pieces you can send me them and I'll use them and possibly use that code in other areas of the script to better improve the script all around for everyone..

    ~Your friendly script writer and EQ2 Player,
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