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    Craft Writ Not Working

    im gettin the same error , the NULL tag in the movement window and givin the error Could not parse key combinations 'NULL' were u able to fix it:
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    Some Buffs Wont Work And Sometimes Will Stop Healing...

    buffs that you need to select a target such as Premonition , rapidity etc wont cast, and sometimes the priest wont heal, like if the conditions for the healing aint being triggered.... any clue on how to fix those?
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    i cant see the tinker box.... i think i ve seen it once but not there a special way to make it show
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    Ogre Harvest In Background Window

    solved... was too low fps limit on the background
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    Ogre Harvest In Background Window

    The ogre harvest is not supposed to work on background window ?? when it is on the background it wont move correctly , it will keep running as it is on auto run and wont stop in any node...
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