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    Community Still Active?

    Hey folks. Took a long break from EQ2, been hiding out in EQ1 and been getting the itch lately to come back to EQ2. How's the community? Been looking around the board for activity but I am not seeing much. Is there still support for ogre?
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    Moving Items To Bank.

    I am trying to use this method Me.Inventory[Query, Location =- "Inventory" && Name =- "Amber Scrying Stone"]:Move[NextFreeInBank,100] to move items into my bank and guild bank but it doesn't seem to be working. I have the guild bank and personal bank open but neither seems to work. Any help is...
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    Channeler Siphoned Protection Efficiency Issue.

    I have my channeler cast Siphoned Protection when efficiency proc under the channeler tab. I keep getting this error. (18:22:30)[OgreBot]: Forced-Casting -> Information below came back with needing a target, but not needing one...? Report to Kannkor. (18:22:30)[OgreBot]: Forced-Casting -> f_...
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    Guardian Of Arcanna'se Statues

    Ogre isn't using CA or Spells on these two statues. Is there a way to force Ogre to use abilities on them?
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    Hide Illusion.

    How do you hide illusion on all your toons via ogre or is console?? The Ogre Boat disable hide illusion after finishing and all my guys look like elemental.
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    Automatic Quest Sharing Broken?

    Anyone else automatic quest sharing not working? I keep getting Error: No such 'character' member 'NumActiveQuests' @${Me.NumActiveQuests}
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    Ogre Craft And Tot Pq.

    Since no one does ToT PQ anymore, any chance of updating ogrecraft to work when creating the dimensional portal anchor thing?
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    Ethereal Conduit Not Working.

    The level 4 Etherealist ability isn't working properly with Ogre. After export, I put the ability into the cast stack and have it cast on my primary DPS. Ogre is trying to cast it but EQ2 is reporting it as ability no longer exist. <Setting Name="Ethereal Conduit" AllowRaid="FALSE"...
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    Channeler And Bl Abilities.

    Does Ogre or Isxeq2 have the ability to switch out the abilities on these classes? I switch profiles a lot and would be awesome if I could have these abilities switched out as well based on the profile I use.
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    Delete Quest.

    Does this work for the new KA quests or am I not using this correctly? Tried both input window and regular button.
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    Effect Server Call

    I've been using if ${Me.Effect[detrimental,"Name"] to detect detrimental effects on my guys. I'd like to get away from this especially for scripts that requires fast reaction time. Is there any other way to to detect detrimental without doing a server call?
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    Stealth Attack Failure.

    Beastlord stealth attack is having a lot of failure. Going to make an educated guess that's it's the lag that is causing this. For example, before ogre launch a stealth attack such as Shadow Leap, it'll use Blindside, a CA that'll put BL into stealth and then fire off Shadow Leap. Problem is...
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    Zone File Saving Issues.

    For the past 2-3 weeks, I've had to redo my WP for Maldura 4x every time I head in there. Anyone else having issues?
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    Stoping Auto Attack

    Is there a way to have ogre stop auto attack, whether it's melee or range without deselecting the mob?
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    Buying Fuel From Merchant

    I am using this line Vendor.Merchant[Effulgent Kindling]:Buy[200] to buy fuel from the fuel merchant in guild hall. It used to work fine for me but now it does seem to work anymore. I clicked on the merchant and open the merchant window and typed in that line into the console, but it doesn't...
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    Applying Temp Adorn For Mages On Weapons.

    Is anyone else having problem getting the apply temp adornment mcp button to work for mages when applying temp adorn for weapon? When using ApplyTempAdorn with All Auto Both parameters, everyone will apply both chest and primary adorn except for mage archetype, where mages will not apply...
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    The Psionists

    I am noticing that doing this fight with 3 groups, the bards and enchanters stop draining for a brief period every 2 minutes or so, causing the stack to climb up to 15+ on the water guy. Is there some sort of self check in the script that stops them from clicking after certain increment?
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    Is the script for this event complete? Seems like my curse guy isn't jousting properly.
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    Me Maintained Effect.

    Anyone know if this does a server call to check for maintained effect? I can't remember if it does or not. Thanks.
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    2x Last Boss Cause Ogre To Crash

    Not sure if anyone else having this problem, but about 40 seconds into the fight, Ogre crash. Got the following error. Error: No such 'uint' method 'Ince' @OBHUDsIndex:Ince
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