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    Updated Ogre Profile Request Thread!

    Re: Updated COE class Profiles Not all that difficult to make work actually, though it won't fire 100%. Just put Coverage at the top of your CA list, and put a post cast in for each of the abilities you want it to fire off. It certainly will have times when it fires with no post cast...
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    Mystic or Warden

    Wardens have a ton of death saves or stoneskins, not to mention the AoE avoid, which is all great, but if you are intending to MT any raid mobs, ever, it's not a good idea.
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    6 Box setup

    Fully refined, experimented MC gear should absolutely let you start taking down bosses in SS x4 raids with 12 toons at 95, as long as you are performing the fights properly. If you still have issues, get some Draconic gear of a few key toons like the MT.
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    Beastlord pet attack from behind

    Do the same for mine when a red text is about to hit, because I am to lazy to hit the pet back off button next to it.
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    COE Expansion ISXEQ2 Update

    Be prepared for shit not to work for several days. Then, if it does work, you can be pleasantly surprised.
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    Windows 8

    Um, patch your beta client to live, see if it works. Most likely will. If it does, it's more likely to do with how you installed then where it's installed and permissions.
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    Script list ?

    "scripts -available" I believe. Just use "scripts" and it will tell you the options
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    Looking for Good AA Spots

    Sure, I tell you, you tell your friends, your friends only tell their closest friends and guildmates, and then of course, we all continue farming in Anathema.
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    Asssigning shortcut key's to programs in window morde!

    As far as I know, ISXEVE doesn't incorporate window swapping, thats an innerspace/ISXboxer thing, however it's been awhile since I have used ISXeve.
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    Asssigning shortcut key's to programs in window morde!

    If you are referring to ISXboxer, you may need to ask that at the ISXboxer forums, as it's separate from ISXEve.
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    Ogre follow

    Or, you aren't using ogre follow, and you are using in game follow instead, and are auto facing mobs (either in game or ogre).
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    2nd Group build

    Definitely not DPS to spit at, but nothing special when you stack it against a monks or an SK's. And zerkers don't have the defensive abilities or snaps of either the monk or the SK, nor the survivability of a Pally or Guardian.
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    2nd Group build

    While bruisers have a bit more AoE agro, a monk is overall a bit more rounded and survivable. Crusaders are great for fights that don't require deathsaves/stoneskins, as they do great DPS and bring more group/raid DPS (SK being the king here). Pallies are tough and easymode when it comes to...
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    Imma gonna be a dick and say yes, with this to help. Normally, I'm pretty lenient on this, but most of your posts have been questions without searching or reading all of a thread.
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    2nd Group build

    I 2 group constantly. Don't have the oomph to hit the HM yet with just 2 groups, mostly because I don't have the time any more to get everything required done, but all SS EM stuff was dying with ease to... Monk, Dirge, BL, Coe, Inq, Mystic SK (Recklesness most of the time), Troub, Wiz...
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    Sleepers Tomb raid options

    Don't use auto target at the moment on that fight. Assist works fine. Get a blue AOE of each type available and don't use it during the fight. On my monk tank I save crescent strike, crane sweep, and dragonfire (arcane, physical and elemental). Hit the right one for the right need. For noxious...
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    Class Profiles

    The AA setup was...ancient. Updated a new version now.
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    Class Profiles

    Mine is set fully defensive, I get about 350k in full EM raid gear in raids. I don't do heroic instances anymore, so I don't have a parse from those I can share.
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    Class Profiles

    Yes, don't know how I ended up editing his page in the first place, but it's corrected now, as is mine.
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    Class Profiles

    Yeah, blame me and lack of sleep, should be fixed. Don't know how exactly I broke Orwaks, but it's working now!
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