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  1. Amadeus

    Size of text in Console

    This is an InnerSpace question, not anything related to the products here. You should visit the InnerSpace forums or Discord and ask your question of Lax.
  2. Amadeus

    bot works on 1 account

    The failures look to be caused due to the EQ2bot installation being old. You need the latest version or it won't run. The EQ2Bot download thread has instructions on how to properly install EQ2Bot and update it using TortoiseSVN. EQ2Bot was updated just a couple months ago and that update is...
  3. Amadeus

    General EQ2Bot Questions/Issues

    Please provide the procedure you used for downloading/installing EQ2Bot, and when you did it. (If you followed instructions on the forums, you can provide a link to those instructions.) Also, you need to make sure that ISXEQ2 is loaded. Before running eq2bot, type "ext isxeq2".
  4. Amadeus

    Hello i have problem with my bot with autofalllow

    You are grouped with the character you're wishing to follow, correct?
  5. Amadeus

    [RESOLVED] RQ - What Lies Beneath - aborts when trying to craft

    The file eq2craft.iss does exist in the directory shown in your screenshot, correct? When I have time, I'll look into it. I suspect it has to do with the recent InnerSpace update which now "silently fails" with some scripting bugs, when previously the script would run and ignore those errors...
  6. Amadeus

    [RESOLVED] RQ - What Lies Beneath - aborts when trying to craft

    In the console, type endscript * then type run eq2craft and paste the output.
  7. Amadeus

    isxeq2 hung at checking subscription status

    It is most likely because your current ISXEQ2.dll is old and needs to be manually updated. You have two choices: Delete the ISXEQ2.dll in your /InnerSpace/Extensions/ISXDK35 folder. Then, download and put into that folder this file...
  8. Amadeus

    Update: Billing/account Support

    Effective immediately, all questions/issues related to isxGames accounts, billing, subscriptions, authentication and things of that nature should be sent via Direct email inquiries will no longer be answered. Also, as a reminder, the isxGames...
  9. Amadeus

    Isxgames Server Maintenance - Tuesday Evening, July 14

    Server maintenance is complete. However, redmine (the software which "forge" is based upon) does not support the newer versions of MySQL and ...well....much of anything new, to be honest. Therefore, it will be down until I come up with a new platform to replace it. I will make sure that...
  10. Amadeus

    Isxgames Server Maintenance - Tuesday Evening, July 14

    The first part of the isxGames server upgrade has finished. I see people authenticating and the website, etc. seems good. I will let it run until tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 14) before doing phase 2 (again, starting sometime between 9-10pm, CDT.)
  11. Amadeus

    Isxgames Server Maintenance - Tuesday Evening, July 14

    The isxGames server will be undergoing maintenance Monday evening, July 13 beginning at approximately 9:30 p.m. CDT. This maintenance could take several hours and will include time when ISXEQ2 and ISXEVE will not be loadable in game. (Those already in the game will not be logged out; it will...
  12. Amadeus

    64bit Updates (05/26/2020)

    Update #8 Well, the good news is that ISXEVE is working and fully functional with the 64bit EVE client. The bad news is that Lax still has not patched the critical fixes necessary to the Live build of InnerSpace for me to feel comfortable leaving the testing phase. The way my extensions are...
  13. Amadeus

    64bit Updates (05/26/2020)

    Update #7 ISXEVE has been stable and testing for the past couple of days and seems ready for release. In fact, the only thing holding me up on creating new installation/setup instructions and ending the testing phase entirely is that right now ISXEVE requires the latest "development" build of...
  14. Amadeus

    64bit Updates (05/26/2020)

    Update #6 We are now in the home stretch. Lax has released a development build of InnerSpace that fixed the last of the major bugs, so we're now testing with everything re-enabled, including the patcher. I imagine having a post with instructions and HOWTOs for everyone on fully updating and...
  15. Amadeus

    64bit Updates (05/26/2020)

    Update #5 Testing has been going very well. We have yet to hit any major problems that could not be fixed fairly easily. I anticipate that we will continue to test a couple more days (during which time I hope Lax will fix a big bug with .NET affecting 64bit InnerSpace), then it should be...
  16. Amadeus

    64bit Updates (05/26/2020)

    Update #4 The first beta test version of ISXEVE was released to advanced/experienced users on Discord just a few minutes ago! There are still some things to get resolved, but it certainly feels closer to being a reality than it was just a few days ago. I will provide more updates if needed...
  17. Amadeus

    June 1, 2020 - Manual Update Required

    If you are a new user, or installed/reinstalled ISXEQ2 anytime after about 4:00 p.m. CST on June 1 2020, you can disregard this thread.
  18. Amadeus

    June 1, 2020 - Manual Update Required

    As some of you may know, CyberTech and I have been working on internal isxGames libraries to allow for 64-bit extensions. As a part of that effort, there was recently an unintentional bug introduced which keeps the latest ISXEQ2 from patching automatically. Therefore, CURRENT USERS will need...
  19. Amadeus

    Brand New - Figuring Things Out

    EQ2Bot is freeware and isn't really supported by anyone. It should work, if you take the time to learn it (I personally use it for a group of SK, Illusionist, Fury, Troubadour and Warlock, I know those classes work) -- but, otherwise, it's not considered part of ISXEQ2 proper's...
  20. Amadeus

    Bot Will Not Pull At All - Autohunt, Paths, Etc.

    Just to confirm, you are making sure that you're using the most up-to-date version of EQ2Bot from SVN/git (i.e., using the instructions on the release thread here on the forums), correct? I use EQ2bot, but I don't use a Conjurer ...and I don't use it to afk bot without me (I use EQ2Bot to...
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