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    Drones Since Last Isxeve Update

    Drones no longer seem to be engaging. Ship will target them fine, console says it is sending drones in to engage, but they don't. They just circle ownship.
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    Lsmipc.dll Not Working

    Anyone have a working LSMIPC.dll that works with latest Innerspace update...newest IS (build 6247) appears to have broken it.
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    Help With An Old Script Please - Dronesave

    Hi folks. I've been away a few years and am trying to use an old script. It generates errors though and doesnt seem to work. Have had a look at the changelog for ISXEve but cant figure out how to fix. I'd appreciate any pointers as to how to fix it :) function main() { variable index:int64...
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    Isxeve Crashing With Latest Innerspace Update

    Innerspace updated this morning and now ISXeve crashes the client... Crash log here :-
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    Follow fleet script

    Can anyone post an example of a follow fleet script? I'm using EveCombine for my miners and one hauler but when the miners change belt, the hauler doesnt follow. If anyone has an example script, say where the hauler checks every 10mins if he is with the fleet, and if not, warp to fleet member?
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    Drones not attacking

    Since last patch, it appears that my miners will launch drones when attacked by npcs, but the drones simply orbit the miner and dont attack. This is while running evebot miner. Worked fine til last patch.
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    Graphics Issue with Rubicon

    The in-station view is completely warped with if the vsync is screwed up. [EDIT] I notice that Innerspace is showing available texture memory as 'NULLMB'.
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    Orca booster hauling - before I buy

    Does this script allow for 3 miners and an orca in fleet, with the Orca boosting and hauling the ore back to a station? Haven't had much luck with EveBot.
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    Login Script - Need help

    Can anyone help me fix this script for the new launcher? function main() { if !${LavishScript.Executable.Find["ExeFile.exe"](exists)} { Script:End } ext isxeve wait 200 uplink remote -connect PC_XBLADE ;uplink remote -connect PC_XPS Login:SetPassword["yourpassword"]...
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    ISXEve not working after today's patch :/

    As per title :/
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    EU Servers (Splitpaw & Runnyeye).

    Do these servers lag behind with the forced patch? Am getting "Client version does not match Server version" after the latest ISXEQ2 update.
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    25 Oct Patch

    ISXVG not working after latest patch :/
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    Vanguard patched today? (30 Aug)

    Just wondering if there was a patch today...ISXVG appears to load ingame but no scripts are working.
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    Dec 6th Everquest.exe

    Doesnt seem to have been uploaded to Can anyone post a link or PM it to me please? Ta
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    EQ2 - Age of Discovery live

    Finally..servers are up :)
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    Assist bot / Multibox

    Anyone have a script (or snippet) to multibox on 2 pcs? Just basic things like following fleet leader, assist on Broadcast: Target, orbit at default range, etc?
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    I have a problem with the vga script, the details of which I have posted in the feedback thread. In the interim, as a workaround, I would like to have my toon switch to a running posture anytime he finds himself in a walking posture. The following confirms that he is in a walking posture...
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    eg. if ${Mob.Count}>1 { Me.Ability[Painbringer]:Use call MeCasting } ${Mob.Count} ALWAYS returns NULL for me....even when I have aggro'd 3 or 4 mobs. What am I missing..or is it broken?
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    Key binds in scripts - specifically pausing / resuming a script

    Well, I've just returned to ISXEQ2 but I have lost all my old scripts that I had written. Can someone enlighten me as to how to assign a key to a function? Specifically, I am trying to assign my F11 key to pausing EQ2bot. I have tried adding this to "function main" but it doesn't work...
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    Version Mismatch

    I know this has already been posted over at the VG forums...but my Innerspace is not downloading dev patches, just regular patches. EQ was working fine last night but Innerspace patched this morning and now, when trying to load ISXEQ2, I get the following: [code]Extension was built for ISXDK...
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