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    help for missioner

    hi all one question: missioner actually work? used for month form some week don't work, launch bot go in station, find agent, open mission window, and try to open journal but the window is empty and this is the error: 13:45:30: obj_Agents: DEBUG: amIndex.Used = 0 13:45:30: obj_Agents...
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    actually miner work?

    hi all from some day i have 1 problem with miner. i have latest version of bot and isx.dll and innerspace, launch bot go in belt complete 1 cycle dock unload cargo return in belt and stop, the bot work, try to cycle between laser but is impossible to activate laser, stop and close bot and try to...
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    noob question

    one easy question.. i don't want all material of the belt, what file i have to edit ? example: i don't want veldspar ok what i have to do?
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    missioner don't work

    hi amadeus hi all i have a new problem from dominiom.missioner don't work. go to agent in list, start conversation, request mission BUT don't accept, the bot start the loop, start conversation, open the jurnal, read the mission from jurnal but don't accept the mission... updated the bot to...
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    curier don't work?

    hi all after last patch of eve and after last updste of evebot the missioner don't work for me (used for mont with success), he start go to agent in list opend dialog and...stop (not the bot, he work but w8 someting),sometime accept the mission but don't start the currier, always w8 for...
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    Missioner found a bug

    hi all i'm active user of missioner in evebot, i have 3 account and all 3 crash (ALWAYS) if the agent (calda in my case) have the mission "Lights Out Objectives". somebody with same problem? some suggestion?
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    minig some little problem

    hi m8 i have 1 problem now mining on 0.5 and here rat are a bit bastard... ok, why my drone don't attack rat fast? if the ship approac one asteroid and rat shoot on me the drone don't attack the rat...and i lost one retriver today T_T i use aggressive drone....but they sleep... attac only if...
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    info about ratter on evebot

    k m8 i need one answer if is possible.. ratter on evebot work fine?... i don't want to go under 0.5 sec and don't want to be destroied from concord i only want to: go to belt 1 , kill all rat (crap rat) reload weapond and go to next belt. NO salvage NO Loot NO aggro on player (absolutely) they...
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