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    Dirge Dps - Tot

    So this expac I've been struggling with my dirges DPS. From what I've seen in other raids, is that Dirges don't seem to be in a great place overall anyway, but always open for improvement. How are others doing with Dirge this expac? I feel like mine is lacking somewhere. (Note - Heroic only...
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    Running Off When A Chest Appears

    An issue I've been experiencing for a while and haven't found a way round currently is as follows; While running quest bot, if a chest appears in the middle of combat and isn't looted instantly, when all the fights end the tank will target that chest, and just run off in a direction about...
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    OgreMove: Stuck! Stopping Movement

    So for a while I've been doing betrayal quests manually (mainly as I didn't realise Ogre did it, or just wanted to do it manually), but today when I went to try it I encountered a few issues. Doing the FP Faction, got to the NPC outside the gates, Ran Ogre Fpfaction, and It starts with: Moving...
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