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  1. GamerMac

    Bad Image Error???

    Has anyone seen this or know how to fix it?
  2. GamerMac

    Eq2 Loading Differently Now

    In the crashing thread I said I reloaded Inner Space.. in haste. I meant I reinstalled Inner Space. Since the reinstall, EQ2 doesn't load the same way as before and I am wondering how to get it back. The screen below is how the game was starting before the reinstall. Now the game loads like...
  3. GamerMac

    Display Set Up

    So had this discussion today with a buddy... He runs 6 windows all behind each other and has to tab or alt whatever to swap between the them. In my set up I choose the 2 monitor Display, with swapping, task bar, etc..(1 main window, 5 smaller displays on second screen) so I can actually see...
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