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  1. GamerMac

    Chaos Descending Heroics By Difficulty

    In the Chaos Decending: Heroic Instances thread.. would it be a good idea to post the positioning? Since most of these fights are positional... It may save some rage fits.. at least in my case it will.
  2. GamerMac

    Chaos Descending Heroics By Difficulty

    Anyone else having difficulty with the heroic zones.. My resolve is over 1060.. but I am dying from trash.
  3. GamerMac

    6 Box Pop

    He is right.. Easiest way to winning. You can do other combos.. I did Brig/Swash and Ranger.. but opted for Druid to replace the Brig due to the cures that come up in some of the zones.
  4. GamerMac

    Bad Image Error???

    By page, I meant IRC channel...
  5. GamerMac

    Bad Image Error???

    Fixed.. thanks to OgreIRC channel... after asking in the Wrong IRC channel. Problem was solved in 10 min. Just reinstalled, No problem.
  6. GamerMac

    Bad Image Error???

    Has anyone seen this or know how to fix it?
  7. GamerMac

    Class Managment Per Account

    I did it based on armor.. essentially works out the same.
  8. GamerMac

    Is Anyone Running A Beastlord

    My Brig isn't far behind my Ranger... Especially with the groups of trash.. but in named fights, with a single mob it is much lower.
  9. GamerMac

    Planes Of Prophecy: Heroic Instances

    What do you mean re-enabled.. I am having the exact same issue.
  10. GamerMac

    Planes Of Prophecy: Heroic Instances

    I am in the same boat as Larry.... I get him to 33-35%, at that point he is getting close to 50. I am not getting the exposed either. I tried pausing DPS for a minute or so.. nothing.
  11. GamerMac

    Drunder - Pros And Cons

    Krono's would be the biggest issue for most of us, I suspect. I use them for 4 of my 6 accounts and while I have enough plat for probably over a year. I would eventually run out.
  12. GamerMac

    Planes Of Prophecy: Heroic Instances

    I was using spore on 3 bats, then pulling with ranger's hawk.. it seemed to work ok. I figured out the No Move part, I will try the Open Wounds, because yeah.. which ever toon hit the middle it was pulling the bats before they got the bounce in the air. Thanks guys.. appreciate the help. For...
  13. GamerMac

    Planes Of Prophecy: Heroic Instances

    OK... I should apologize first... But as stated before I suck. Any hints on Rattican? I can pull him.. but the instant the group member goes flying in the air.. it pulls half of the bats.
  14. GamerMac

    Planes Of Prophecy: Heroic Instances

    OgreBot: When the mobs go immune, OgreBot will target the one not immune. Feel free to change your target as you see fit after. OgreBot: Campspot, then 'Set up for'. Will spread everyone out. OgreBot: Campspot, then 'Set up for'. General positioning and jousting. OgreBot: Campspot, then 'Set...
  15. GamerMac

    Eq2 Loading Differently Now

    YES.. you are both correct.. I botched that. "Well-well look. I already told you: I deal with the god damn customers so the engineers don't have to. I have people skills; I am good at dealing with people. Can't you understand that? What the hell is wrong with you people?" Pretty sure that is...
  16. GamerMac

    Eq2 Loading Differently Now

    In the crashing thread I said I reloaded Inner Space.. in haste. I meant I reinstalled Inner Space. Since the reinstall, EQ2 doesn't load the same way as before and I am wondering how to get it back. The screen below is how the game was starting before the reinstall. Now the game loads like...
  17. GamerMac

    Crashing - Solution!

    So I had the issues with the crashing and not loading past the first account. And I reloaded Inner Space... Now when I log in, I select my Character set and and it doesn't log to to the Splash screen. It is like I am logging in via EQ2 launcher. How do I get back to loading Splash Screen...
  18. GamerMac

    Kunark's Ascending - Heroic Instances Guide

    I got an issue... When doing Ritual I set up for Kly, everything is fine.. I burn him quick, the scout and chanter hit the buttons.. and almost every time.. I get the reflections? I even FD'd the chanter, used my brig and sometimes that works.. Any thoughts as to what is going on?
  19. GamerMac

    (coming Soon) Proving Grounds: The Underdepths (solo)

    So... evidently DBG is losing more and more customers , but Kannakor is getting more and more.. TAKE MY MONEY... just take it... I love you man.
  20. GamerMac

    Charms/ Pre-clickies

    I know of 2 ways.. Cast stack and making an MCP button.
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