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    Switching Cast Stacks/aas And Loosing Abilities

    Did it always do that? Before once I exported the spells from export one that wasn't in export two wouldn't show up in the list of abilities. However that was from a while back. Good to know, never tested after it behaved the way it did the 1st time I tried it.
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    Switching Cast Stacks/aas And Loosing Abilities

    Good gosh, ok I'll try to explain. This is an example, they are not real exports... So what you do is; Create build one, then run ogre export Open up the export. ..\InnerSpace\Script\EQ2OgerBot\Ability_information\class_AbilityExport.xml An example of build one. <Setting Name="Dragon...
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    Switching Cast Stacks/aas And Loosing Abilities

    You have to build a custom export that has all the spells, abilities and anything else that may be in any of your builds. That way Ogre can read the "abilitie" data.
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    Weird Problem.. Toon Announces On Kill

    Are you using eq2bot? Seems I recall it doing that on my ranger.
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    Connection Lost

    Oh shoot, thought I did that after I posted this. Sorry. It is posted on the bug tacker now.
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    Connection Lost

    It seems ISXIM does not detect if you are still connected the server or you lost connection. I was doing some testing and my internet connection dropped. I noticed no error was thrown. So ran ircsample2.iss to see what IRCUser was reporting and it showed that I was still connected to the...
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    Just Started Crashing Eq2

    disregard; old age is catching up with me. It loads just fine in the uplink, only crashes when you try to load it in a session. It is throwing some unhandled exceptions when trying to load it from a session.
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    Just Started Crashing Eq2

    Module 0x73030000-0x7303A000: C:/Windows/SYSTEM32/Secur32.dll (Wed Oct 29 01:06:19 2014) Module 0x735D0000-0x73610000: C:/Windows/SYSTEM32/POWRPROF.dll (Wed Oct 29 01:04:54 2014) Module 0x73760000-0x73769000: C:/Windows/SYSTEM32/kernel.appcore.dll (Wed Oct 29 01:04:26 2014) Module...
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    Just Started Crashing Eq2

    Loaded Modules: ----------------------------------- Module 0x00400000-0x00412000: D:/Everquest2/XINPUT9_1_0.dll (Tue Dec 06 01:26:10 2005) Module 0x00AB0000-0x00B3F000: D:/InnerSpace/InnerSpace.dll (Thu Jul 30 23:32:02 2015) Module 0x00FB0000-0x025B0000: D:/Everquest2/EverQuest2.exe (Wed Aug 19...
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    Just Started Crashing Eq2

    I know it is working for other but mine seems to have started crashing EQ2. Here is the crash report from Lavish. Any help would be appreciated. Software: Inner Space Kernel 1.13 Build 6089 (Thu Jul 30 23:32:02 2015) Current time: Sun Aug 23 21:16:43 2015 Crash: 0x5591CAD3: Exception 0xc0000005...
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    The Real Future Of Botting.

    It will be the most popular server in the game if they just keep it a server and not some watered down version of a server.
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    12 Cores

    Raid with other people and their group.
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    12 Cores

    I run a 5820k OC to 4.3G with 32G of ram. I can run 3 groups with everything on low with a small bit of lag. I don't hyper-thread so no sure the results on that. Granted I don't normally run 3 groups or even 2 when raiding. I just did it to see if it would do it. I'm sure in a full on raid, in...
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    bj prebuff on|off
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    Computers Not Seeing Each Other

    I've found my computer name and uplink name has to be the same else others are not able to connect to it. You can always use the IP to connect also. Not sure how that will work with the remoteuplink commands.
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    Is There Any Way To Select Option From Rightclick Menu?

    EQ2UIPage[PlayerHousing,BrowseRatings].Child[button,PlaySelf]:LeftClick Enters the DM. But you must manually selected the DM you want to enter once then you can use that to enter the DM. eq2execute apply_verb ${Actor["Dungeon Exit"].ID} "Leave Dungeon" Leave the DM. Works on the entry and exit...
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    Multiple cards and multiple monitors

    NM didn't notice this was necroed.. ack
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    High Keep:The Bloodless Incursion

    I don't know a botter that don't go into that zone now. Sure when it first came out it wasn't the wises of things to do. But now the new is off and everyone I know that bots goes in there and does a cycle or two. Plus now days alot of people prefer to buy their loot and not have to bother going...
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    Ringmail Purse Timing

    The only way I've been able to do this is set up MCP buttons to do things like this.
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    V 17 Ogre Profile Request Thread!

    I posted a somewhat workaround here . Basically your long and short FF chains are a profile of their own.
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