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    VG Master Bot

    As of today, VGM is available for everyone on the site. If you are interested in the source, drop me a line. i will be releasing it to some. I just have not had much time lately to dedicate to coding and would like to see people continue with it. It may end up being a .NET...
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    I have tried this with various Methods but i can not figure out who to make the startconvert() Actualy Convert it.. It que's it up, and shows me a box.. but i just want it to Click ok... What am i missing? Thanks
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    Healing Assistant

    As many of you know i have not updated or released a new version Healbot/Healing Assistant in a long time. Unless you have been testing with me. I have continued developing it since its inception and am making it available once again to all. I have set up a site to help make it better and...
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    I have been doing some minor improvements to Heal bot (now healing assistant) and meleebot. I wanted to know if there was anything you would like added. As i tend to play more and bot refine less these days and would rather just tackle a bunch of things now. while my head is half way in the...
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    Sample C# (.net) Application

    This is a simple program in C# to help teach how to use isxvg with .net. it basicly lets you put in a name and if that mob spawns it will trigger a text based alarm into the console until you hit the silence button.. (its basicly a striped down version of my pawnspawner that some of you run)...
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    Stardogs MeleeBot 4.0 (6-14-07)

    Meleebot 4.0 Brief Overview: A bot that fights, heals, loots, harvests, has 2 box support, irc reporting and interfacing, Kill switch for manual botting. The following is a more detailed list of whats in this version, I have not got everything on here as i can't remember all the things...
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    StarDogs StatGen

    Talk about it here. Right now it shows. Standard DPS SKill/Spell DPS Total DPS Mobs Killed hits taken Hits givin Damage taken Damage givin by weapon, skill and spell time to kill a mob parries. blocks if you want something added post here, get me in IRC or mail me at...
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    Stat Gen

    I know alot of people wanted this so here it is.. this is a PRELIM release, it works with dks and some other classes but to catalog all the Skills and damage combos i will need some help. SO if you get some wierd String exception error in the wrong format, turn on debug(its a button) and watch...
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    Patcher problem

    Im' running vista, When I run innerspace, without isxvg support I have no problems. The second i type ext isxvg in the console I crash its instant.. the error is Visual C++ runtime error Vgclient.exe terminated early Any ideas? its something with the patcher i'm sure since i can play...
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    Stardogs Healbot available now

    Talk about it here...
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    Heal Bot

    NameStardogs HealBot Version Special note: You must delete the Vanguard/Bin/Default.cfg file (this is the config file). as this format is incompatible sorry Description A healing assistant for 2 boxers or healers that wanna afk. This is a fully graphical application, there...
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