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    VG Master Bot

    As of today, VGM is available for everyone on the site. If you are interested in the source, drop me a line. i will be releasing it to some. I just have not had much time lately to dedicate to coding and would like to see people continue with it. It may end up being a .NET...
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    umm I'm not sure i understand completely what your trying to do, however it sounds like you want to be able to hit an F-KEY like F1 and have it bring up a menu and/or start and stop your script/bot/program. if thats the case. There are a couple ways you could do it 1) Set up an event to...
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    LavishNav wrapper question

    did you ever get your answer here? The lavish stuff is contained within innerspace.. there fore you need to flush it out or clear it out before you do anything.... did you ever do any more work on the lavish stuff?
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    Spam tells (ie, "Gold Sellers") -- report URLs here.

    gm worker . com too with the spaces
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    Vanguard crashes

    Aye its something with Todays patch.... 1-28-08 the file that he is refering to is the change.. it Is definatly upon loading isxvg.
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    I'm still around You can find my stuff at its all .net stuff but For adventureing and Harvesting...
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    how do you figure it will be dead and useless? the way What other scripts are going? isxvg Rules all.
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    Is there a diff???

    I"m not sure on eq2 but.... with vanguard i use... dotnet Programname no slashes.... and i type it straight into the innerspace console Also, make sure the program is in the .NET directory of innerspace
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    Ohh thats ghay. Can we get this fixed or finished amadeus?
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    I have tried this with various Methods but i can not figure out who to make the startconvert() Actualy Convert it.. It que's it up, and shows me a box.. but i just want it to Click ok... What am i missing? Thanks
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    Checking buffs on other players

    target offensive You need to target the Player.. then you can see what they have.. you will need to target them with the /targetoffensive command like Amadues says.
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    Healing Assistant

    As many of you know i have not updated or released a new version Healbot/Healing Assistant in a long time. Unless you have been testing with me. I have continued developing it since its inception and am making it available once again to all. I have set up a site to help make it better and...
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    Stardogs Healbot available now

    have you set up your Tank, and Main assist... have you set up the 4 strings. for buffing, and such? It sounds like you have not set up a tank and main assist, OR..... You have not put anything in the text boxes for when you want to excecute commands. So when you get any sort of group chat...
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    It should be checking to see if you already have that spell on you, and if you do not cast it again... At least thats how it **should** be.. heheh
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    I have been doing some minor improvements to Heal bot (now healing assistant) and meleebot. I wanted to know if there was anything you would like added. As i tend to play more and bot refine less these days and would rather just tackle a bunch of things now. while my head is half way in the...
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    Stardogs Healbot available now

    If you are going to use meleebot and healbot together as they were designed its best to have Meleebot be the controler.
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    Stardogs Healbot available now

    Fixed..Will post the fix sooner or later.. probably later. :) i will get onto irc tonight and post a link.
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    Stardog's Melee Bot Discussion Thread

    It does..... now.... does your version have a selection of Harvest mobs after kill on the main page,, just click the tab\
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    New Features: Anti Spam and 'VGIgnore'

    I got that last night as well, seems to be new somehow. First one in forever, got it about 2 am.. set my alarm off and woke my entire house up
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    Sample C# (.net) Application

    This is a simple program in C# to help teach how to use isxvg with .net. it basicly lets you put in a name and if that mob spawns it will trigger a text based alarm into the console until you hit the silence button.. (its basicly a striped down version of my pawnspawner that some of you run)...
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