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    Inconsistent behavior of Pawn.Target() and Pawn.Face()

    I believe I figured out the solution to the problem. I wasn't properly using Frame.Lock() and Frame.Unlock(). Can someone confirm - you must Frame.Lock() before calling any method or accessing any property that performs an action or reads or sets a value in the running game's memory space...
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    Inconsistent behavior of Pawn.Target() and Pawn.Face()

    I'm just messing around with this trying to get the hang of it. Using the sample VS solution, I've managed to tool around and echo messages to the console about various game data. I decided to start exploring further, so I decided to start with targetting/facing other objects in the area...
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    ExecBinding problem

    The ExecBinding() method for .Net accepts a bool value for "Release" instead of a string as it does in scripting. The method has 2 overloads with the following signatures: ExecBinding(string Action, bool Release) ExecBinding(string Action) So, here's how you use it (I believe - I haven't...
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    Windows XP 64 with Inner Space

    I don't have XP 64, but I'm running it fabulously on Vista x64 Home Premium.
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