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    Connection Lost

    It seems ISXIM does not detect if you are still connected the server or you lost connection. I was doing some testing and my internet connection dropped. I noticed no error was thrown. So ran ircsample2.iss to see what IRCUser was reporting and it showed that I was still connected to the...
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    Just Started Crashing Eq2

    I know it is working for other but mine seems to have started crashing EQ2. Here is the crash report from Lavish. Any help would be appreciated. Software: Inner Space Kernel 1.13 Build 6089 (Thu Jul 30 23:32:02 2015) Current time: Sun Aug 23 21:16:43 2015 Crash: 0x5591CAD3: Exception 0xc0000005...
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    Request: Add hate as a type in Priority tab

    Could you please add hate as a type in the priority tab? Type My Hate Others Hate Target My Target hated on others (lack of a better term) hate % The amount of hate. That way in CA i could leave out the taunts and focus only on DPS being DPS > taunting. Thanks and thanks for all the...
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