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    vga original programmer checking in

    Hi guys, just wanted to say hi and I hear people are still using and modifying VGA. I hope it is working well. Please feel free to ask any questions as I do still hang around these parts for stuff. mmoaddict
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    Watch for Rifts

    Watch for rifts opening throughout telon .. these rifts will take you over to the game . They are in alpha now and several of us are in beta coming up and we should be in soonish. This is dx9based so we are good with IS. I would love to help someone work on isx calls to...
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    Syntax Question

    I was trying IRCUser[MyName].Channel[#MyChannel]:Say["Hello World"] I get the error that no such channel method exists. Did this change? I also tried IMUser[MyName].Channel[#MyChannel]:Say["Hello World"] All failed mmo
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    Patch Wed 4-7, ama must be out of country again

    We patched today, i know we only patch when ama leaves so i assume he must be on some trip. Happy clicking today people... play manually. mmo
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    Dip -- Discussion Thread

    This is the feedback thread for the dip project created by Eris (undergoing revisions by mmoaddict) . Please feel free to post issues and wish lists here for the project. The download can be found here
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    Dip -- Official Re-Release

    Dip is designed to help you with diplomacy. Since the project was first created, isx and Vanguard have changed a bit. Since Eris seems to have retired from Vanguard, your current isxvg scripting team is taking over this project for the time being and adding in our new features. For...
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    vg_objects -- Official Release

    Vg_objects is a project designed for the scripters of vg to make objects we all can use in our scripts. In the old days there was a common folder that some of us used. If you use kbot, vga, eb, dip, bm or similar scripts produced and updated by us, please download vg_objects and unzip it into...
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    vg_objects -- Discussion Thread

    If you use kbot, vga, eb, dip, bm or write your own scripts. You need vg_objects. Official Release can be found here: Please discuss below mmo
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    3-10 Patched

    We patched this morning. Adding in the 2nd part of the magi hold line
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    Scripting Basics!

    So you want to write a script but you have no idea where to start.... lesson 1 create a plain text file with the extension iss.. so test.iss is ok. Use notepad. Make sure to save as all file types or you might end up with test.iss.txt as the name of your file. That wont work Then you...
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    Things to do while isxvg is down.

    Things to do while isxvg is down. Learn your Charactor, practice burst damage Make macros and write small innerspace scripts to press the buttons for yo u Read the isxvg wiki and learn how to make your own scripts! Start a low level char and actually read the quest windows Go outside and...
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    Desktop Shortcut to Update VGA/scripts

    I have come to understand that some of our users have trouble updating their scripts. So if you are helping someone that knows nothing about their computer get their scripts updated with Tortoises. Install Tortoise and set up the folders to sync.. then make a bat file on the destop with...
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    6-5 Patch :(

    Dang had the whole day set aside for some grinding. They patched for diplomacy stuff. ------------------------- Server is comming down at 5am PST for a small patch. This patch should resolve some server crashes. It also has a fix for group experience not scaling properly. After...
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    Blank Combat Script Ready to Customize

    You might have read in my earlier posts how scripts like VGA can only really get you to 80% DPS and efficiency. Here is what i do to get as close to 100% as i can. This simple priority based script gives you good control and runs very fast. It is up to you to fill in what you want to do in...
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    SOLUTION: ISX not patching

    If you are having trouble getting isx to patch the DLL after a game patch. Follow these instructions. basically.. reinstall isx or just download the DLL itself. Normally i skip to the dll
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    VGA (Vanguard Assist) Feedback

    This is the feedback thread for the VGA project created by Mmoaddict . Please feel free to post issues and wish lists here for the project. The download can be found here How to use it. Main Screen Set Assist Button - Sets your...
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    VGA (Vanguard Assist) -- Official Release

    I have decided to release the current VGA project and allow others to use it. Some have found the old release of VGassist and are using it. This is the script that i replaced that with. The purpose of this script is to really help you play the game both as a player and multiboxing. I have not...
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    Vanguard doesnt Suck and Isnt Dead

    Vanguard by no means sucks. If you played vanguard like 2 years ago.. then yes. It had a lot of problems and lacked content and support. Since SOE took charge they made it what it really should have been in the first place. EQ3. I have many level 50s and i can tell you. I am always...
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    Logical Combat, Passing Values to Other Functions

    With changes to our game, it is becoming more and more difficult to simply hit the mob with any old ability. You will eventually have to develop a way to centralize how you check if you should hit an ability. To that end, i want to plant an idea in your head if you are using script similar...
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    Your first Usefull Script.. Turn off attack during Furious

    Below is a very useful script and good for something to start on. Very easy and very useful. If you save this script as furious.iss. then in game type in run furious . It will shut your attack off during furious. ;******************************************** ;Your Main Script Starts...
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