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    Returning To Vg

    So I returned to VG playing on the server they are building, which is coming along quite well. ISXVG was always my favorite to box with and I was hoping I got get some quick help with 2 scripting problems ive run into. First VG-DSC won't load and just crashes. Second VGA will target all the...
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    VD-DSC wont load without ISXIM

    I know its late in the game but im going to be spending the rest of my time in the game scripting and collecting info for the emulator effects. Anyhow I came back to find out my VG-DSC will not load without the ISXIM. Seems like none of the other scripts are having problems as long as ISXIM...
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    RIP VG july 31st 2014
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    Crashing like crazy since todays ISXVG update

    Crash notes Extension: isxvg.dll Extension Crash Info: Crash unhandled by custom extension Inner Space: Inner Space Kernel 1.12 Build 5946 (Tue Dec 17 15:41:43 2013) Crash: 0x42CE8E7F: Exception 0xc0000005 reading from address 0x0000008C in module isxvg.dll Registers...
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    Yet another Force update Needed

    Sorry they been patching a lot lately. thanks
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    ISXVG Req a update

    thanks Update needed
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    Patch going in today

    Im sure isx will need another update.Just a heads up thanks!
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    Update today in VG

    We got an update in VG today.Need an update from your end thanks as always!
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    Special Update issue

    I reinstalled ISXVG,ISXIM,Innerspace and now my VG-DSC will not load. Kbot,Vga,VG-DK and a few others will now work but anything requiring ISXIM will not load . I have attached the error messages im recieving. Thanks as always! -->C:/Program Files...
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    Hooking for help writing something to add in a scipt

    So what Im looking to do is write a few line that would target another player and click the item Im currently using VG-DSC and love it and have made small changes to it to make things like the counter fire off more often.Small things. i can make sense out of how to change some things but as...
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    Kobt Not targeting harvesting nodes

    Kbot has stopped targeting nodes for harvesting.I cant get it to target plants/trees/mining nodes. Anyone having this problem? Anything I can change on my end to make this work?
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    Patch In today-Update needed

    Update needed thanks!
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    Patch going in today

    Patch being updated this morning thanks
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    Kbot stops targeting if I get adds

    So if im in SS,SOK anywhere that I could get more than 2 adds Kbot will stop targeting and let me die after im out of mana to heal myself. It will bring up a target show it at 100% life and not attack it. I was wondering if anyone knew or had a work around in place they would be willing to...
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    Second Patch on 8/22/13 Requiring a patch

    We got a mid day hotfix.GOnna need another patch thanks
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    Patch today on 7/25/13

    Patch today on 7/25/13
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    VG Patched Today

    Hotfix today to Vanguard. Need Update on your end. Thanks
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    Kbot Not targeting Mobs

    Im hoping I state this correct. When I use Kbot it will stop targeting mobs more and more frequent the longer it is running. If I start Kbot in an area with Non agro mobs. It will ONLY target some mobs and after the first wave it will target it will not target anymore mobs without restarting...
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    ISXVG not loading timing out

    Hello, Everything ran fine last night but now im able to connect to kbot or vga this is what im getting when it wont load isxgamespatcher: Exception" System.Net Webexception: The operation has timed out at response() at...
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    Crash Log

    Software: Inner Space Kernel 1.11 Build 5326 (Sat Oct 30 21:35:59 2010) Crash: 0x101170C9: Exception 0xc0000005 writing to address 0x00721998 in module Core.dll Registers: ----------------------------------- eax=00721998 ebx=4C6B04A0 ecx=260112B8 edx=2695F730 edi=101C3CC0 esi=260112A0...
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