1. jsmb768ypl

    jsmb768ypl Active Member

    Alright so i mine with my alliance in -0.4 space with about 5-6 miners (personally) and a hauler and a ratter, then others have ratters and miners.

    What I am looking for is a program to optimize my mining, I dont really need anything else, I have my netflix built into innerspace so I am always at the computer when mining.

    Let me explain exactly what I am looking for:
    - Something to target the rocks, start the mining and deposit in a jet can.
    - Hauler to go to the jet cans (only my jet cans not everyone elses since we all jetcan in the same fleet) and retrive ore then drop off at the station
    -* Docking, if x number of reds are in local begin aligning, if x number of reds are in local begin docking, if 1 red enters belt being docking (same thing for neutrals)
    - once mining eject drones and have them assist <character name>

    Any advice please let me know

    *As for the warping that is not that important as I am at the computer and in comms but would be nice
  2. rogeruk

    rogeruk Member

    Have you tried EVEBot?

    Not sure if it has all your features

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