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Hello, is been very long since i last posted here but you should remember me :)
I support this project since the begin (maybe 1 year after the begin actually, not sure anymore, is been many years now), and i newer stopped, neither when i was not playing eve, because i know i always come back here :)
And i try to not be demanding, you can check my post history, and those in IRC know ( maybe CT can say i sometime disturb him, but i'm on so few time...)

Well, this introduction, i could have left it out but that to emphasize my desperation :)

So this time i'm here demanding, and i detest it.
Pls can you take a look at that bug? that is crucial in my script, and that the only reason i come back to EVE, and what i still enjoy of the game+isxeve.

You find me here, or on IRC (all the day for the next 2 days, i was on vacation this week and i toughed i could have restarted my EVE fun.... i was wrong.), if you need a tester pls pls feel free to call.

I'n the hope to not seen a worse person than before...

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