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  1. MelonHead

    MelonHead Member

    few days ago i reported a bug telling the agentlist for courier missions is not runing well, the bug still there and i want to know if maybe i have a badformed agentlist for the new version of evebot. Because looking into the new Sample User Agents.xml i can see a new thing not present in the past when my agentlist worked perfectly.

    This new thing is separated sets of agents: one general agent and other for research agents (evebot do research too?????)

    Code (Text):
        <Set Name="Sample User Agents">
            <Setting Name="Chakh Madafe">1</Setting>
            <Setting Name="Zidah Arvo">1</Setting>
            <Setting Name="Jiekan Jepen">1</Setting>
            <Setting Name="Ranta Tarumo">1</Setting>
            <Setting Name="Abishi Tian">1</Setting>
            <Setting Name="Ochishi Veilai">1</Setting>
            <Setting Name="Hasier Parcie">1</Setting>
            <Setting Name="Houve Raennere">1</Setting>
            <Setting Name="Antogase Pandon">1</Setting>
            <Setting Name="Fykalia Adaferid">1</Setting>
            <Setting Name="Uba Virserin">1</Setting>
            <Setting Name="Dalofer Mattore">1</Setting>
        <Set Name="Sample User Research Agents">
            <Setting Name="Agent One">1</Setting>
            <Setting Name="Agent Two">1</Setting>
            <Setting Name="Agent Three">1</Setting>
    my question is: I have to add a different tag for courier/distribution agents set, or is the general set being parsed as always?

    thats because my courier bot only use the first agent on the list, and after the second low sec mission (the first is declined as normal) the bot keep asking the same agent for mission, is not wsitching to the second one on the list.

    I'm pretty sure the list worked before, i have more than 7 lists for agent rotation to avoid enough standing loose, and those lists always ran fine for me. is failing since the major change of evebot.

    In the other hand, evebot often fails to read the mission information window, keep waiting for its... but it'll never come. Do not happens always but frequently, is not an specific mission or agent related, but once that infopage is not readed, restarting eve and evebot don't fix the situation.... that info windows will be bued until manual completion or mission declining, after that the bot runs well for a while till the next information window fails or 2 low-sec missions after 4 hours since the first one.

    Please help!

  2. Ridain

    Ridain Member

    I've been looking at this for awhile now and can confirm there is a bug with how it is handling missions. when it want to decline but needs to wait until it can, it should go to the next agent. However it will look at that agent for a split second, then reset back to the original agent and stay in this loop forever
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